The growing size of dairy farms is making it increasingly difficult to maintain attention for individual cows. CowManager’s innovative cow monitoring system introduces a sense of calm and control, thanks to its unique combination of ear temperature and cow behavior. We want to offer optimal support to livestock farmers by continuously innovating.

The only cow monitoring system that combines ear temperature with behavior.

If an animal has health issues, this is shown in its behavior, but also in its ear temperature. By measuring ear temperature and behavior data CowManager gives clear insight into how the cow is feeling. For example, an alert tells days before it can be clinically determined whether an animal has pneumonia. Also, metabolic problems surrounding calving can be avoided by treating the animal with preventative medication.

The smart algorithm also shows valuable insights into the cycles of individual cows, as not coming in heat or aborted, by combining heat intensity and heat stage with cow data (Fertility Insights). Before calving the system even points out underperforming dry cows. This allows dairymen to prevent diseases after calving like milk fever, metritis e-coli, RP’s DA’s lame cows etc.

“We can’t treat our herd with antibiotics as an organic herd, so we really look for early detection to treat sick cows. That’s where the CowManager system has really paid for itself for us.” – Jon Losa, Ferndale, CA

Always up to date software and hardware through over-the-air-programming.

CowManager was the first to come up with a system in the cow’s ear. Our vision is to continuously develop the system in response to the market and our customers’ input. By literally working together with dairy farmers, we can continue to innovate and develop products that catch on. All new enhancements and software up-dates are realized through over-the-air-programming. Solutions which make a farmer’s life easier and to achieve a successful and sustainable future in global farming.

Just plug and play! Quick and simple installation, no cables needed.

Convenience and accessibility are paramount in this respect. The data transmitted by the sensors is collected by (solar) routers which can be installed either inside or outside. With only one handling, simply put the sensor in the cow’s ear and easy link and delink cows by phone via QR code. So, no pulling cables through the entire barn, just plug-and-play.

“We had a lot of help from All West with the initial set up. They actually came out to the dairy, got the routers and equipment set up, identified which cows should get which tags, and even helped us install the tags on the cows. We’ve even received several visits from the CowManager folks in Holland with the All West Team to check in our system!” – Charlie De Groot, Fresno, CA

Compatible with with more than 40+ herd management systems.

Interfaces give dairy farmers the opportunity to have their cow data automatically and simultaneously available in both systems. By combining two data streams, additional information also becomes available with the CowManager alerts, for example, calving date or insemination time. This enables faster diagnosis. CowManager has established integrations with more than 40+ management systems & sorting gates worldwide.

“I love the phone app. I can look up each individual cow and their data from anywhere! The heat detection data has been the biggest benefit to us. The system is another set of eyes and so far we have been very happy with it.” – Steve Aamodt, Hubbard, OR

CowManager: Smart. With precision.

CowManager develops and produces innovative cow monitoring solutions to improve productivity and profitability of the modern dairy farm. Thousands of dairymen in over 30 countries rely on CowManager’s easy-to-install, user-friendly ear sensor system for an accurate understanding of their cows’ fertility, health and nutrition status. Having the right actionable insights to make data driven decisions about feed and transition management, ensures successful and profitable farming. CowManager has revolutionized the world of cow monitoring systems with groundbreaking innovations and has invented the active ear tag technology, based on generations of knowledge, science and the drive to improve every day. CowManager is available all over the world, distributed and supported by a growing number of dealers.

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