7JE1067 GR Oomsdale Tbone GOLDA-ET is the breed’s highest new release sire for JPI. One of the first 7JE1000 Richies Jace TBONE A364 sons available, he has outstanding component yields (+70 Fat, +60 Protein). Not only is he an exceptional Milk transmitter (+1,882), he is the third high sire at Select Sires for Type (+1.8).

7JE1073 Boyd-Lee Tbone HENDRIX is also a TBONE son and an extreme component specialist (+.29%F, +.15%P) with +111 combined Fat and Protein yield. This FeedPRO® sire is from a solid maternal line with his three closest dams being Excellent cows with over 21,000 Milk.

A Gannon son, 7JE1063 GR Senns Gannon TY LAWSON rounds out this Jersey graduating class. He transmits exceptional udders (+4.53 Jersey Udder Index™) and longevity (+3.1 PL) with solid production (+749) and positive components (+.06%F, +.00%P). LAWSON comes from six generations of consistent calving intervals and solid scores from his maternal line.

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