Select Sires’ Jersey Sire Analyst, Herby Lutz, has not been able to visit as many herds as usual due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and on-farm protocol, but he still managed to provide us with this valuable insight just in time for the December 2020 Sire Summary. Read on to learn who he’s most excited about this season!

Hope everyone is surviving 2020!

The changes to the year have made it so we don’t get out and see as much as we have in the past, but I have really been excited with the 14JE769 STONEY daughters that I have seen. They are really dairy with consistently awesome udders! You will be seeing some super new pictures that I got to help make this fall in our new ads and the December 2020 Sire Directory. Dairy producers seem to rave about STONEY’s daughter component levels, which is a bonus when the milk check comes!

The Accelerated Genetics photo crew recently visited Victory Farm, Revillo, SD, and captured these stellar 14JE769 JX STONEY {3} daughters!

All West’s Brian Nelson visited Ahlem Farms Partnership with Herby while he was in Hilmar, CA in early summer 2020 and he snapped this photo of a STONEY daughter.

The 14JE725 CASINO daughters have stood out as well as they are super-uddered and dairy producers seem to really like his daughters!

A large flow of milk from the 7JE5041 JX TRIUMPH {5} daughters is not an issue as he continues to sire possibly the milkiest daughters ever! We are seeing a lot of second-calf daughters now and their udders have stayed right where they were, as they are maturing body wise into balanced cows.

We love these 7JE5041 JX TRIUMPH {5} daughters pictured in early 2020 at Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc. in Hilmar, CA!

Many very neat and exciting young bulls have just been released including 507JE1820 HOLEINONE, 614JE1885 JADYN, 14JE1876 JX COLGATE {6}, 7JE1890 DECATUR and 7JE1817 POBOY {6}. These bulls offer a lot whether you are looking for CM$, JPI, DWP$ or different sire stacks to be able to use these genetics. They join an already great group of bulls in 507JE1769 JX ARCHIE {5}, 7JE1722 JX DASHIELL {6}, 7JE1814 DIMITRI-P, 507JE1758 JX THRASHER {6} and 507JE1787 CALIBAN.

The stable is not empty of great ones as scheduled for February 2021 release are breed-leading bulls 507JE1816 TUCKER {6} and 614JE1895 DILICH. In March 2021 we plan to also add 7JE1905 JX MURDOCH{5}, 14JE1850 JX RICKIE {4} and 614JE1908 POTOGOLD! These are just a few of the over 40 bulls scheduled to be released by April 2021 and the next proof run!

By now you have probably heard of the new undesirable trait in the Jersey breed Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs (JNS). You will be able to find animals that are carriers for this being labeled with the haplotype of JNSC. About 6% of the genomic tested population are carriers for this which 94% are not! As soon as possible, this will be added into the Select Mating Service (SMS) program in order to avoid carrier on carrier matings. You can still utilize the great genetics that are provided by these carrier bulls safely!

Refer to this additional article to learn more about JNS.

Until the next update, I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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