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DIAMONDcuts August 2023 (click here for latest issue)

All West/Select Sires is working harder than ever to be more engaged with the member/owners of this cooperative. Many people have shared they prefer receiving news by email as compared to other methods, and so we have created DiamondCuts. This e-newsletter format gives us some real advantages over other methods of communications, most specifically targeted emailing. We’ll work on developing breed-specific and area-specific versions of DiamondCuts, which will be of more interest to you. We’ll also have a beef version of DiamondCuts that will specifically address the needs and interests of our beef customers.

Many of you have indicated that you want breaking news, and industry updates emailed directly to you and now you’ll have that! This also gives you an opportunity to respond and share your thoughts and input directly with our staff.

One feature of this e-newsletter format is that we will share the latest “insider information” that will not be available in other communication formats. Additionally, due to the ability to tailor e-news to specific interests, we can offer “specials” and other offers that will not be available in the other formats.

Today’s customers require information when they need it and how they need it. These same customers are always connected and always on the move. We want to provide the latest and most valuable information in a format that doesn’t slow you down.

DIAMONDcuts is developed and produced by the All West/Select Sires Communications Team.

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