“This class of newly proven graduates adds to an already stellar lineup and bolsters Select Sires’ leadership among industry indexes and rankings,” says Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle genetics. “Select Sires is privileged to work with the best breeders in the business and these sires exemplify profitable and progressive genetics designed by dairy producers, for dairy producers.”

Fourteen sires graduate to the daughter-proven ranks in the Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations lineups. Graduating sires include 10 Holsteins, two Jerseys, one Brown Swiss and one Milking Shorthorn. Select Sires remains committed to match the genetic requests of all customer-owners, regardless of breed, environment or herd goals as directed by the cooperative’s sire committees.

Select Sires Highlights

  • 7HO12886 CANNON makes his debut to the proven lineup as a top-15 GTPI® sire at +2801 GTPI.
  • 7HO12942 RESOLVE offers an outcross pedigree with +2739 GTPI, and he’s RobotPRO® designated.
  • As mastitis resistance genetics prove to be increasingly valuable, 7HO12974 COPYCAT (2.69 SCS, 102 Zoetis Mastitis, +0.9 CDCB Mastitis) and RESOLVE (2.68 SCS, 102 Zoetis Mastitis, +1.7 CDCB Mastitis) offer an elite combination of udder health and milk quality traits.
  • For genetic programs that consider health and wellness traits a priority, this class of Holstein graduates offers quality and quantity. 7HO12872 TRUMP leads this category of sires with elite values for Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (+978 DWP$®) and Wellness Trait Index® (+249 WT$®)    .
  • Summer heat is bound to impede conception rates and this offering includes four sires with positive Sire Conception Rates (SCR). 7HO12999 BRENNAN (+1.7 SCR), COPYCAT (+1.4), 7HO12868 ADVANCE (+1.3) and RESOLVE (+1.1) offer breeders confidence with high sire fertility and balanced proofs.
  • Popular as a young sire, 7JE1569 JX AVON KLAY {3}-P joins the proven lineup as a health trait improver with extremely valuable Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+1.4 DPR) and Cow Conception Rate (+1.7 CCR) traits. From our partners at Jerseyland Sires, JX AVON KLAY {3}-P offers balanced production, A2A2 and BB Kappa-Casein coupled with Polled genetics.

Accelerated Genetics Highlights   

  • 14HO7784 HECTOR transmits elite production (+1,865 Milk, +60 PTAP, +55 PTAF) as an outcross sire.
  • 14HO7828 ODIN offers a unique sire stack (Hotrod x (GP-83-DOM) Ransom x (GP-83-VG-MS) 7HO10524 ROBUST) with favorable wellness and fertility traits (+165 WT$, +1.2 SCR).
  • 14JE758 KNOCK-OUT is an A2A2, RobotPRO sire, known for lengthening teats and improving foot angle.
  • 14BS393 DYNAMITE is a FertilityPRO® designee and known for siring daughters with superior type and excellent mammary systems (+1.21 UDC).


GenerVations Highlights   

  • Popular ShowcaseTM sire, 250HO12961 DOC has earned his spot on the daughter-proven lineup. This elite Type sire (+3.10 PTAT) has a flawless linear and combines valuable production traits (+1,318 Milk) to sire profitable daughters.
  • 250HO13531 TOTEM offers an outcross pedigree with exceptional mastitis resistance and wellness traits (2.59 SCS, +690 DWP$).
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