Here they come – the Elite December Super Samplers!

Anticipation runs high before each new proof round, as breeders and industry personnel alike, await the official new numbers and finalized marketing lists.  As a bonus this time, All West/Select Sires got some early information about a new group of breed-leading young bulls.

Busting out of the chute on December 6 will be eight new ELITE SUPER SAMPLERS being released for the first time!

Available as “sexed only” Super Samplers are:



OCD SUPERSIRE 9882-ET (GP-83, 2y) Dam of SAMURI

507HO12897 SAMURI
OCD Spring Samuri-ET is an Altaspring son from OCD Supersire 9882 and then ODC Robust Shimmer (EX-90, EX-MS, DOM).  This branch of the Shana family continues to churn out extremely high component, high type and high GTPI offspring and SAMURI is no exception.  This A2A2 young bull is +2795 GTPI, with high components at +.16F and +.07P.  Not surprising, his +1.84T is highlighted by +2.27 fore udder attachment; +2.62  rear udder height; and +2.41 rear udder width.

What’s better than one Altaspring from OCD’s most well-known Supersire?  Two!  SLAMDUNK is a full brother to SAMURI who also has high components (+.11F +.03P), as well a similarly exceptional mammary traits (+2.31UDC).  While not an A2A2 son, SLAMDUNK excels in his Dairy Wellness Profit Index ($1,025) and PL (6.7) and DPR (2.6).


PLAIN-KNOLL MOGUL MARIAH VG-87 DOM 2-01 3 305 31,200M 3.2 1007F 3.3 1014P Dam of JAGUAR 

507HO13504 JAGUAR
Plain-Knoll S-S-I JAGUAR is a Josuper son from Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah, a VG-87 DOM Mogul with a first lactation record of 2-01 3x 305 31,200 3.2 1007 3.3 1014.  The second dam is the well-known Roylane Socra Mira 1760 (EX-91, 2E DOM) with over 40,000 pounds of milk as a 5-year-old.  Generations of production carry through for JAGUAR as he’s +1541M +113 +.20 +69P +.08.


507JE1528 DISCO
Let’s get the party started with Oaklane Dazzler DISCO 2127-ET, a Chisel son from Eric Silva’s breeding, Sunset Canyon Dzzler V Maid 2348 (VG-86%).  The Maid family at Sunset Canyon does not disappoint with this Dazzler daughter making a 1-10 record of 2x 305 19,100 5.6 1066 3.7 702.  His outstanding JUI is 27.4, with a 1.8 Type rating.


SUNSET CANYON VALEN L MAID 42481 From the Maid family of DISCO

Available as “conventional” Super Samplers are:

Wa-Del Yoder BANDARES is a Yoder son from a VG-85 Massey with nearly 30,000 pounds of milk as a 2-year-old.  This type specialist young bull is +2.50T, +2.75UDC and +1.97FLC and it’s no wonder!  BANDARES is off the charts for his individual udder traits, he’s an A2A2 FeedPRO sire that’s also +122 combined fat and protein.


WA-DEL MASSEY BELINDA-ET VG-85 2-05 2 365 29,560M 4.0 1187F 3.5 1038P Dam of BANDARES

Plain-Knoll KING ROYAL is a Kingboy son from Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah (VG-87 DOM) with an outstanding first lactation of 2-01 3x 365 36,993 3.2 1229 3.2 1218.  KING ROYAL daughters will be breed leaders for the tall, stretchy, open cows with wide rumps (+2.26 rump width).  He is a maternal brother to 507HO13504 JAGUAR!


MS WELCOME CAMERON LIA-ET VG-87 2-02 3 305 24,823M 3.9 968F 3.0 757P Dam of LEGENDARY

Another great sire from the Welcome Stock breeding herd in New York is Welcome LEGENDARY 2879-ET, the Damaris son from Ms Welcome Cameron Lia (VG-87).  Lia is backed by two more Excellent dams sired by Super and Shottle.  At 2.12FLC, LEGENDARY is the foot and leg improver, as well as a Dairy Wellness Profit leader at +$1,118 DWP$.  His outstanding type, high PL (+9.4) and high DPR (+3.7), make a winning combination with his strong Net Merit and Cheese Merit values.  Use this component specialist for outcross options.


WCD-ZBW SUPERSIRE LAVAGE VG-85 DOM (full sister to dam of LOPEZ)

7HO12811 LOPEZ
If you’re in the components game, you’ll want to take a look at the Rubicon son, Oakfield Rubicon LOPEZ, whose combined fat and protein is +177, with +.18F and +.05P.  At +2716, LOPEZ is a GTPI leader that’s 6.9CE and designated as a FeedPRO sire.  With average stature and +2.03 dairy form, these moderate framed, dairy cows are also over +2.00 for rear udder height and width.

Pricing will be available on these exciting young bulls following the December 6th sire summary release. Please contact your local All West representative for availability of semen and/or to place an order!

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