BURKY TIAGO 3701-GRADE from Burky Farm LLC, New Philadelphia, OH

Sons of 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) once again dominated Select Sires’ April 2014 class of graduates with high-ranking Total Performance IndexSM (TPISM), Net Merit (NM$) and production sires that all earn the FeedPRO® designation. This class also includes elite fitness trait sires like 7HO10804 Roylane SHOT GUN 2092-ET (VG-86) and extreme Type sires including 7HO10920 Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP-ET (EX-92).

PLANET sons lead the way

A maternal brother to 7HO10357 De-Su Billings-ET, 7HO10725 De-Su 538 HOORAY-ET (VG-87) is the highest new Select Sires graduate for GTPI (+2148). He is a production improver (+1,707 Milk) with outstanding components (+74 Fat, +.04% Fat, +58 Protein, +.02% Protein). HOORAY daughters have strong fore udders with high, wide rear udders and deep creases.

7HO10709 Springhill-OH Iron HUSKY-ET is a PLANET son from an Excellent (93) Boss Iron. One of the best at Select Sires for Fat improvement (+82F, +.15%F), he also transmits excellent production (+1,203M). He boasts a GTPI of +2135 with outstanding NM$ (+626) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+696). HUSKY is a Calving Ease sire (6.1%DBH) that transmits low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.78) and longevity (+3.8 Productive Life).

7HO10543 Garlomar Planet THORNE-ET (GM) is a HealthMark™ sire with outstanding fitness traits: +1.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +5.1 PL and 2.94 SCS. He is among the top five Select sires for NM$ (+656) and CM$ (+724). Not only do his daughters milk well (+1,154M), they produce a high volume of components (+72F, +.11%F, +49P, +.06%P).

A PLANET son from an Excellent (92) Ramos, 7HO10818 Larcrest CALIBRATE-ETS (VG-86) is one of the top new graduates for Fat (+76F, +.13%F) and CM$ (+633). His daughters are wide, open cows with strong udder attachments reflected in his +2.58 Type score. He transmits high quality milk (2.83 SCS) and durability (+3.9 PL).

7HO10751 Eastview PASSION-ET is the No. 2 new Select Sires graduate for Milk (+1,585) and one of the leading new graduates for NM$ (+611) and CM$ (+622). PASSION daughters are long-living cows (+5.2 PL) that have exceptional rear udders. He transmits low SCS (2.83) and is a Calving Ease sire (7.1%DBH).

HealthMark sire excels at fitness traits
SHOT GUN is a maternal brother to the leading GTPI daughter-proven sire, 7HO10524 Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET (VG-88-GM). This Calving Ease sire (5.9%DBH) transmits low SCS (2.72) with high DPR (+1.0) and PL (+3.9). He is a components specialist (+.05%F, +.07%P) with a high-ranking CM$ (+649).

Elite Type from time-tested cow families

A popular Super Sampler™ and Showcase Selections™ sire, 7HO10920 GOLD CHIP is the newest Type specialist at Select Sires. He ranks among the top three sires at Select for Type (+3.70), Udder Composite (UDC) (+3.31) and Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) (+3.16). A Calving Ease sire (4.9%DBH), he is one of the best for SCS at 2.56. GOLD CHIP is a Superior Settler™ and available in gender SELECTed™ semen.

7HO10811 Regancrest-RS San TIAGO-ET comes straight from the Dellias and is the first 7HO8190 Gen-Mark Stmatic SANCHEZ (EX-94) son to graduate into active A.I. Not only is he an elite Type sire (+2.97), his daughters are exceptional Milk producers (+1,410). He transmits outstanding udders (+2.50 UDC) and feet and legs (+2.74 FLC). This Superior Settler is a perfect fit for warmer breeding seasons.

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