We are happy to see our Select Sires Inc. Sire Analysts back on the road after an interesting past year! Read on as Jersey Sire Analyst Herby Lutz shares his insight about some exciting sires in our lineup.

7JE5004 CHROME Daughter Group
Buster Goff, Hobbs, NM

Hello everyone! I hope each and every one of you have had a wonderful summer so far and are enjoying quality family time. There has been a lot of excitement in the Jersey program at Select Sires Inc. and I want to share a little with you!

7JE5004 CHROME, one of many in a long line of customer satisfaction sires at Select Sires, had an exciting summer as he became the leading all-time best-seller in our Jersey program. It is very exciting that we now have two Jersey bulls with lifetime sales over 520,000 units and counting! Demand is staying high as CHROME continues to be in the top five for sales again this year.

Bred in All West Territory, 7JE1628 AMP is an April 2021 graduate that will add a lot of data to his proof in August. I have had the privilege of seeing many of his daughters in herds across the country and have really been impressed with the mammary systems, as well as how shallow the daughters have been. As he adds more daughters to his proven data, I expect his udder depth to move to show much more shallow.

7JE1628 AMP Daughter Group
Wickstrom Jersey Farm, Hilmar, CA

Be sure to look for 14JE769 JX STONEY {3}-ET as he adds even more daughters to his data and seems to still be a true outlier in the breed when it comes to profitable production and type. This should not surprise anyone, as his maternal line is deep and his daughters are cookie cutter in the way they exhibit shallow udders and produce extreme fat and protein!

14JE769 JX STONEY {3} Daughter
JX Ahlem Stoney Anora 54069 {4}-ET (VG-85%)
Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, CA

A couple of bulls to watch with new data coming in August are 7JE1617 JX KIAWA {5}-P and 7JE1722 JX DASHIELL {6}. The Kiawa daughters really seem to be balanced cows with great udders and breeders are very happy with them so far. Dashiell most likely does not have enough daughters scored to graduate to our proven lineup in August 2021, but everyone is very excited to see how this genomic star performs with milking daughters and very favorable preliminary reports.

We have several genomic bulls that are now siring calves who are catching people’s attention. 7JE1787 CALIBAN is a VICEROY out of a LEMONHEAD and wow – his daughters are straight lined and fancy! Caliban was recently brought out for the world to see in the Select Sires Inc. bull parade during the Jersey Youth Academy and he looks impressive, as well! You can see him and other sires in a recording of the full parade here.

If you need a fancy show sire this Fall, I just saw a really nice daughter of 7JE1808 RECKLESS. He is a CRAZE son out of a FLAWLESS, bred in All West Territory by Rancho Teresita Dairy. We are starting to hear of several of his daughters that people are really liking!

From your Select Sires Inc. Jersey Department, we hope everyone has a fun and healthy rest of your summer. Stay tuned to the All West and Select Sires websites and social media platforms for exciting proof information during the week of August 10, 2021.

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