14HO7770 HELIX  Dinomi Helix Ryley 11676 (VG-87) is just one example right here in All West Territory at Migliazzo & Sons Dairy.

For the third consecutive sire summary, 14HO7770 HELIX ranks as the breed’s No. 1 GTPI® daughter-proven sire at +2997. Additional top-ranking sires include 7HO13454 ROCKETFIRE at No. 3 (+2893 GTPI), 14HO7796 GRIFF at No. 4 (+2876), 250HO13267 DUKE at No. 7 (+2825) and newly proven graduate 7HO12886 CANNON at No. 11 (+2801).

Continuing his reign

With more than 2,500 daughters from 365 herds in his latest sire proof, dairy producers can use HELIX with confidence! Reports from coast to coast and around the globe describe HELIX daughters as herd leaders and production powerhouses that are trouble-free with few health events.

Mike Santos Jr. from Terra Linda Dairy in Tulare, Calif. says, “HELIX daughters are my highest producing two-year-olds with great dairy strength, good width of rump, good udders and good feet and legs. They’re the kind of cows that are going to last.”

HELIX continues to dominate as the No. 1 sire for GTPI and offers +2,015 Milk, +204 combined Fat and Protein (CFP), +813 Net Merit Dollars (NM$) and positive values for Type traits (+1.40 PTAT, +0.95 UDC, +0.35 FLC).

Launching to No. 3

ROCKETFIRE moves up to No. 3 on Holstein USA’s GTPI list and presents himself as a well-balanced sire with extreme production values. He transmits +2,836 Milk with +152 CFP, positive values for PTAT and UDC, and ranks as a leader for the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®).

“He offers breeders extreme production combined with fertility, mastitis control and tremendous linear type,” said Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding.

Breeding profitable, healthy cows

DWP$, derived from Zoetis CLARIFIDE Plus testing, identifies genetics that excel for health and wellness traits. Daughters of these sires will experience fewer health issues and in return, improve herd profitability. Select Sires is home to leading DWP$ sires that offer balanced genetics to strengthen herd performance while maintaining healthy, trouble-free cows.

New graduate 7HO12872 TRUMP leads the breed as the No. 1 DWP$ sire at +978 without sacrificing milk production (+1,516 Milk). Long-time DWP$ leader 7HO12659 PASSAT (+912 DWP$) maintains a top-10 spot on Holstein USA’s listing and also boasts +190 on the Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®). Other top-10 bulls from Select Sires include ROCKETFIRE (+912), 7HO12821 EVEREST (+853), 7HO13326 WINSTON (+839), 7HO12545 ROCKFORD (+834) and HELIX (+832).

Lifetime merit and fertility

As the season changes and temperatures rise, fertility becomes a significant factor in profitability. For long-term success, never sacrifice elite genetics for high fertility or vice versa. Select Sires offers breed-leading NM$ with positive Sire Conception Rate (SCR) values. GRIFF (+738 NM$, +2.4 SCR), PASSAT (+710 NM$, +0.8 SCR) and newly proven graduate 14HO7828 ODIN (+669 NM$, +1.2 SCR) offer high fertility without compromise.

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