Three new sires have been added to Select Sires’ NxGEN® program, including 7HO15167 RMD-Dotterer SSI GAMEDAY-ET, the breed’s No. 1 available sire for both Net Merit (NM$) and GTPI®. 14HO15265 Houin BR Legacy TUA-ET and 14HO15445 OCD Legacy MASSEY-ET are now available to NxGEN members as well. With the December sire summary, the NxGEN portfolio includes 17 exceptional, industry-leading sires.

The NxGEN lineup and its membership base are growing! Select Sires is privileged to work with the industry’s best partners and breeders as we acquire and develop sires for this elite program,” said Jordan Siemers, dairy sire analyst. “From its inception, NxGEN was designed for all dairy producers and offers unprecedented genetic access. Some of our early members have NxGEN-sired calves on the ground and the results are very exciting.”

GAMEDAY is quickly earning a fan base with unmatched NM$ (+916) and breed-leading GTPI (+3081). This 7HO14451 BIG AL son is the complete package with a tremendous balance of production and Type (+1,311 Milk, +1.55 PTAT, +1.72 UDC), as well as superior health and wellness traits (+1,175 DWP$®, +135 WT$®). He aligns with Select Sires’ focus on healthy, trouble-free cattle and transmits powerful mastitis resistance (2.67 SCS, 104 Z MAST, +2.6 MAST). GAMEDAY is a FeedPRO® and GrazingPRO® designee.

TUA and MASSEY are early sons of one of the original NxGEN program superstars, 7HO14250 LEGACY. TUA is an extreme components sire (+0.10% Protein, +0.35% Fat) with positive fitness and fertility traits. He carries FeedPRO and GrazingPRO designations. MASSEY ranks well for NM$ (+824) and the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (+1,132 DWP$) and offers elite Productive Life (+7.9 PL) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+2.2 DPR). MASSEY is also designated as a FeedPRO sire. Both TUA and MASSEY are milk quality specialists and transmit valuable mastitis resistant genetics.

GAMEDAY, TUA and MASSEY are each available in Select Sires’ high-quality gender SELECTEDTM SexedULTRATM semen.

The 17 sires offered through the NxGEN program average +2970 GTPI, +826 NM$, +861 CM$ and +961 DWP$, making the program one of the most elite of its kind.

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