All/West Select Sires is pleased to announce the addition of Jennifer Gonzalez to the team as Director of Finance. Jennifer grew up in northern California on a small hobby farm, but moved to western Washington 10 years ago with her family. Gonzalez earned her bachelor’s degree from Sonoma State University and became a CPA.

When not buried in numbers and accounts at work, Jennifer revels in the outdoors. On the weekends Jennifer enjoys hiking the Chuckanuts or Mt. Baker with her friends and dog, Koda. In the winter she likes to ski and snowshoe. Jennifer also relishes spending quality time with her family who have all become involved with the local soccer leagues in the Pacific Northwest.

“I’m excited to be joining a team that has been in business for nearly 75 years.  I can see that this achievement was made possible through the efforts of hard working, passionate people of the All West group, including the member-owners of the cooperative and dedicated employees.”

Jennifer started work with All West in late July, and will be in charge of account management, employee services and office policies.

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