Select Sires added two sires to the NxGEN® lineup and continues to expand the offering of the industry’s most elite genomic young sires to nine. 7HO15097 T-Spruce Nugnt GRANADA (+2898 GTPI®) and 7HO15115 Aurora RAGNAR (+2940 GTPI) are now available to NxGEN member herds.

GRANADA hails from the highly influential Shottle Mindy cow family and boasts a strong, yet balanced proof. He is a production powerhouse transmitting +2,193 Milk and +151 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP). Breeders can expect healthier, trouble-free daughters from GRANADA. He is +1,113 Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®), +112 Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) and an exceptional +44 Calf Wellness IndexTM (CW$TM). GRANADA also carries Select Sires’ FeedPRO® and RobotPRO® designations as indicators that his daughters will be feed efficient and great candidates for robotic milking systems.

With the April sire summary, RAGNAR reveals he is a merit leader — holding competitive rank for NM$ (+831) and CM$ (+870) indexes. RAGNAR will also contribute to a healthier herd with elite DWP$ (+1,175), WT$ (+194) and CW$ (+69) values. He excels in mastitis resistance with low Somatic Cell Score (2.71 SCS) and high values for CDCB Mastitis (+3.0) and Zoetis Mastitis (+107). RAGNAR is designated as a FeedPRO and GrazingPRO® sire.

For next level genetic gains, join Select Sires’ NxGEN program and add these sires to your breeding program. NxGEN was launched in 2019 and grants early access to the breed’s most cutting-edge young sires. The program was designed with dairy producers in mind and offers an opportunity to accelerate genetic progress and performance. For more information about NxGEN sires and to apply for a membership, Request NxGEN Membership form

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