A bull from our Hereford line-up that has all the indications to be a great one is 7HP112 Resource. An extremely powerful X51 son, Resource impresses every day with his maturity.

He is out of Hyalite 22S Lass 018, a donor (at Lintons from Nebraska) that possesses a strong production record, making him a can’t miss. No other Hereford bull in the breed can match his combination of CED and CHB. A good choice to get in on now as people continue to see his tremendous progeny.

A new powerhouse bull added this year is 7HP113 Ft. Knox, from Boyd Beef Cattle.

Knox offers superior skeletal correctness and body mass without giving up any calving ease.

He recorded a BW ratio of 88 and an off the charts WW ratio at 127! His dam is extremely long fronted and feminine, with a beautiful udder, and great disposition. A great new one in the breed who will add massive amounts of shape and muscle pattern with plenty of phenotype.

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