Select Sires’ Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn lineups maintain their position as the top source for elite genetics.

7JE1046 Jersey Acres Zipper Nanci (VG-84%)

The Jersey Revolution™ persists as five of the top 10 active A.I. Jersey Performance Index™ (JPI™) sires call Select Sires home: 523JE927 Wilsonview Jevon MAGNUM-ET (+225), 7JE1067 GR Oomsdale Tbone GOLDA-ET (+220), 7JE1038 All Lynns Louie VALENTINO-ET (+207), 7JE1082 GR HEARTland Gan Ted-1736-ET (+207) and 7JE1046 Sunrise/Hackline Bungy ZIPPER (+203). MAGNUM (+631 Net Merit), HEART (+493 NM$) and ZIPPER (+486 NM$) are also top-10 NM$ sires.

“7JE” sires also lead the industry for Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) with GOLDA ranked as the No. 1 CFP active A.I. sire at +149 and MAGNUM (+143) and HEART (+129) in the top 10.

VALENTINO continues to be the breed leader for Type at +2.6 PTAT while GOLDA is the No. 3 active A.I. sire at +2.2 PTAT and 7JE962 Buttercrest SUCCESS-ET joins them in the top 10 at +2.0 PTAT. Newcomer, 7JE1088 Chilli Action COLTON-ET and SUCCESS are top-10 Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) sires at +6.02 JUI and +5.26 JUI, respectively. Super Sampler™, 7JE1163 All Lynns Valentino IRWIN-ET is the leading genomic young sire for Type at +2.9.

Select Sires’ commitment to fertility can be seen in the lineup’s industry−leading Sire Conception Rates (SCR). 7JE865 Sunset Canyon KYROS-ET leads the breed at +4.5 and is followed by 7JE1036 Avon Road Impuls PAT (+4.3), 7JE859 Chasin-Rainbows Act RILEY-ET (+3.8) and SUCCESS (+3.5) all in the top five. Select Sires’ Super Samplers also excel at SCR with 7JE1173 Dutch Hollow PRESCOTT-ET (+4.6), 7JE1242 All Lynns Hendrix NITRO (+3.0), 7JE1169 Heartland Merchant TOPEKA-ET (+2.9) and 7JE1274 Sugar Grove Valentino AXIS (+2.8) leading the way.

COLTON joins active lineup, HEART makes strides

Showcase Selections™ sire, COLTON graduates into the active lineup with outstanding Type data and a show−winning pedigree. A 7JE590 Forest Glen Avery ACTION-ET grandson of national grand champion, Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus (E-97%), breeders across North America have been talking about COLTON’s fancy milking daughters. The No. 3 active A.I. sire for JUI, he also ranks among the best for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) at +1.1 and transmits components (+.20% Fat, +.07% Protein) and longevity (+3.3 Productive Life).

April 2014 graduate HEART, made vast improvements in nearly every category to become one of the elite JPI, NM$ and CFP sires in the breed. He now ranks among the top-10 active A.I. sires for Milk (+1,611), Fat (+76), Protein (+53), Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.79) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+529).

AUGUST leads the Brown Swiss lineup

7BS826 Oak View Zeus AUGUST *TM remains one of the best all−around sires in the Brown Swiss breed. The No. 2 active A.I. sire for NM$ (+437) and GPPR (+180), he also ranks in the top 10 for Type (+0.8) and Milk (+862). AUGUST is one of the breed’s best udder and mobility improvers at +0.91 UDC and +1.0 Mobility. Additionally, he is a Calving Ease sire (4.6%DBH) with gender SELECTed™ semen available.

Showcase Selections sires 7BS901 Mort Blessing Dynsty JAVA (M) “E90” and 7BS900 Blessing Tex BRAIDEN ET*TM “E92”, are among the top five active A.I. sires for SCR at +2.7 and +0.6, respectively. JAVA continues to be one of the best for Type (+0.8) while BRAIDEN ranks exceptionally high for DPR (+1.7), PL (+3.4) and Udder Composite (UDC) (+1.05).

New Super Sampler, 7BS871 Blessing Brookings ADVISOR, leads Brown Swiss genomic young sires for NM$ (+603), PL (+6.3) and SCS (2.62).

Ayrshire lineup dominates for Type

Three of the top five active A.I. Type sires are at Select Sires: 7AY84 Palmyra Tri-Star BURDETTE-ET (+1.9), 7AY90 Libby’s LOCHINVAR (+1.8) and 7AY89 Palmyra Poker RIGGINS-ET (+0.9). The long-time Type leader, BURDETTE added 340 daughters to his production proof and improved his ranking for GPTI (No. 3 at +528), NM$ (No. 5 at +306) and CM$ (No. 4 at +340). LOCHINVAR increased his SCR (+1.2) to rank No. 2 and leads the breed for every major udder trait.

7AY87 Anmar Peter POWER-ET continues to be a health trait specialist (+0.9 DPR, +2.6 PL) and component improver (+0.12%F, +50F, +0.04%P, +29P).

Guernsey sires rank well for Type and production

Four members of Select’s Guernsey lineup rank in the top 10 for PTI: 7GU398 Sniders Ronalds ALSTAR (+151), 7GU440 Ripley Farms Aaron CORDELL (+139) 7GU438 Marodore Aarons LEVI-ET (+132) and 7GU439 Jens Gold Aaron CRUNCH-ET (+120). ALSTAR continues to rank high for Milk (+1,206), PL (+4.2), DPR (+1.9), NM$ (+452) and Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) (+2.3) while LEVI and CRUNCH are the No. 2 and No. 3 sires in the breed for Type at +2.4 and +2.0, respectively. LEVI leads the breed for UDC at +2.4.

LIRIANO and ACE improve udders and components

7MS347 Mysha-WO Advent LIRIANO-ET is again the breed’s No. 1 Type active A.I. sire at +1.2 and leads the breed for UDC (+1.66) and Mobility (+0.8). 7MS346 Kulp-Gen Jurist ACE-ET improved his UDC (+0.31) to become the No. 5 sire in the breed. LIRIANO (+38F, +24P) and ACE (+0.30%F, +62F, +0.08%P) have established themselves as proven component improvers.


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