Select Sires offers the best in Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn sires including leaders for total performance, Type, Net Merit and fitness traits.

AUGUST and MVP pace the Brown Swiss lineup

7BS826 Oak View Zeus AUGUST*TM and 7BS828 Little Hill Ladys MVP ET*TM keep improving and are the No. 2 and No. 3 active A.I. Brown Swiss sires for Progressive Performance Rating (GPPR) at +181 and +175, respectively. Both sires continue their upward trend for Milk (AUGUST +836, MVP +835) and CM$ (AUGUST +470, MVP +450). MVP jumped 72NM$ to +400 and improved Fat (+.19%F, +77F) and Protein (+36). AUGUST continues to be a source for high Type (+0.8), PL (+2.8), Mobility (+1.0) and low SCS (2.63).

Showcase Selections™ sires 7BS901 Mort Blessing Dynsty JAVA (M) “E90” and 7BS900 Blessing Tex BRAIDEN ET*TM “E92” are in the top 10 active A.I. sires for SCR at +1.6 and +0.7, respectively. Additionally, JAVA is the No. 7 Type sire (+0.8) while BRAIDEN ranks in the top five for PL (+3.9) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+1.5).

Select Sires’ Super Samplers™ also perform well with 7BS863 Cutting Edge SEAMAN*TM (+1.4 PTAT) and 7BS852 JoBo Wonder BOSEPHUS ET*TM (+1.3 PTAT) ranking No. 2 and No. 3 among active young sires for Type. BOSEPHUS is also the No. 5 GPPR sire at +204 and No. 2 for SCR (+2.2)

First BURDETTE son joins Ayrshire lineup

7AY90 Libby’s LOCHINVAR is the newest graduate to the Select Sires Ayrshire lineup. The first available proven 7AY84 Palmyra Tri-Star BURDETTE-ET son, LOCHINVAR delivers elite Type (+1.6) with exceptional udders and consistent production (+590 Milk). His dam is the well-known reserve All-American, Covey-Farms Wilton Libby (EX-93-2E), who is backed by generations of high lifetime production.

BURDETTE continues to be the best in the breed for Type (+1.9) which comes as no surprise with his daughters’ tanbark success. He is joined in the top four of the breed by his son, LOCHINVAR and 7AY89 Palmyra Poker RIGGINS-ET (+1.3). BURDETTE daughters perform well outside the showring too, with outstanding DPR (+1.0), CM$ (+367) and GPTI (+528). He is also one of the top Ayrshire sires for SCR (+1.0).

At +530 GPTI, 7AY87 Anmar Peter POWER-ET is in the top five active A.I. sires of the breed. He ranks in the top five for DPR (+1.2), Fat (+.11%F, +51F), Protein (+.05%P, +32P), NM$ (+380) and CM$ (+425).

Super Sampler, 7AY104 Bar-Vue BUCKY-ET is the leading active young sire for NM$ (+464) and CM$ (+497) while 7AY100 Rippling-Brook Burdette HUBERT is the No. 2 sire for Milk (+1,359).

Three new AARON sons bring outstanding performance

7GU438 Marodore Aarons LEVI-ET is the new No. 1 Type sire in the breed at +2.6. His daughters are moderate in stature with excellent udders (+2.6 Udder Composite) and correct feet and legs (+1.5 Feet and Leg Composite). LEVI, a FeedPRO® sire, transmits elite longevity (+4.4 PL) and ranks among the top five Guernsey A.I. sires for Production Type Index (PTI) (+147), NM$ (+370) and CM$ (+350).

7GU440 Ripley Farms Aaron CORDELL is tied for the No. 2 PTI spot at +149 and earned the FeedPRO designation. He offers a rare combination of high production (+722) and positive components (+.09%F, +.03%P) making him a top five Guernsey active A.I. sire for Fat (+48) and Protein (+28). CORDELL daughters are balanced Type cows (+1.5 PTAT) with well-attached udders (+1.1 UDC) and excellent FLC (+1.6) from one of the breed’s most prolific cow families. Hailing from the Conny’s, his dam has four Excellent and 31 Very Good maternal sisters.

7GU439 Jens Gold Aaron CRUNCH-ET has already sired All-American and Junior All-American nominees the last two years and has 18 Very Good daughters, over 80 percent of total daughters appraised. CRUNCH ranks No. 2 in the breed for Type (+2.5), No. 2 for SCR (+1.1), No. 3 for FLC (+2.4), No. 5 for UDC (+2.0) and No. 6 for PTI (+144). This FeedPRO sire is a big-time Fat improver (+.13%F, +44F) and makes daughters that are built to last (+3.0 PL).

7GU398 Sniders Ronalds ALSTAR leads the breed for PTI (+153) and NM$ (+479) and ranks high for Milk (+1,203), Fat (+45), PL (+4.4), DPR (+2.1) and CM$ (+437). 7GU428 Golden J Skipper GARY is the top SCR (+1.5) sire and No. 4 for Milk (+927).

LIRIANO and ACE are Type and component specialists

7MS347 Mysha-WO Advent LIRIANO-ET is again the No. 1 Type Milking Shorthorn active A.I. sire at +1.3. LIRIANO is also the leading Milking Shorthorn for UDC (+1.72) and ranks No. 4 for Milk (+1,200) and DPR (+0.8). 7MS346 Kulp-Gen Jurist ACE-ET transmits elite components (.34%F, +.09%P, +65F) and is one of the best for NM$ (+334), CM$ (+399) and PPR (+125).

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