All/West Select Sires is pleased to announce the addition of Loren Hoekema to the team as an A.I. Technician. Loren is a long time, experienced breeder who started at the age of only 15. Being raised on a dairy in Whatcom County, Washington, his passion for cows came naturally. “Everything I ever need to know I can learn from a cow,” Loren likes to tell people.

Loren has a true love for animals and is always concerned about what is best for the cows. He takes his passion and dedication seriously, knowing that he is sometimes the first to identify a problem cow and get her whatever help she may need.

“When I think about Select Sires I think of the word security. The longevity of this company truly resonates with the farmers, myself, and even the cows out there, making it a company I am even more excited to work for.”

After buying into his family farm in 2006, Loren made the decision to sell in 2013 so that he could spend more quality time with his family. Loren and his wife are foster parents and currently have 7 children between the ages of 3 and 8. “It can sometimes still feel like a dairy around here with the type of schedules we seem to keep, but I just love it.”

Loren started work with All West in late July.

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