Select Sires is committed to providing highly fertile semen to its customer-owners and continues to be the premier source for high fertility sires with 58 sires that are positive for Sire Conception Rates (SCR). That is more than twice as many as our closest competitor. 7HO9722 Collins-Pride TS JERMIAH-ET (VG-87) (+4.5 SCR), 7HO10904  COLT P-RED (+3.7 SCR), 7HO9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (EX-92-GM) (+3.2 SCR), 7HO9841 Siemers Shottle HULK-ET (EX-93) (+3.2 SCR), 7HO9754 Matt-Dari Sharky DAYTON-ET (EX-92) (+3.1 SCR) and 7HO9961 Mission-Bell Gold DIENER-ET (EX-90) (+3.0 SCR) exceed +3.0 for SCR. Look for the Superior Settlerdesignation to identify the best in fertility.

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