Select Sires’ HealthMark™ and other lineup sires are among the best for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and Productive Life (PL). 7HO10429 Horstyle Moscow MONTNEY (VG-87) (2.44 SCS) and 7HO10148 Gold-N-Oaks Ramos FLAX-ET (EX-91) (2.47 SCS) are the No. 1 and No. 3 active A.I. sires for SCS and are joined by 7HO9107 Ronelee SS DURABLE (EX-90-GM) (2.49 SCS) and 7HO10297 Foxberry Bax MCNUGGETS-ET (GM) (2.51 SCS) in the top 10 active A.I. sires for SCS. 7HO10582 Ensenada Jeeves PAUL-ET (VG-88) (+7.1 PL), 7HO10690 B-Hiddenhills PLAN 1023-ET (VG-88) (+7.0 PL) and SHAMROCK (+6.8 PL) are top-10 sires for producing long-living, productive cows. PAUL is a Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) leader at +3.0 DPR.

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