Select Sires’ Super Sampler™  lineup is the source for elite genomic young sires. 7HO12008 Cookiecutter Petron HALOGEN (+2507 GTPI) and new additions, 7HO12105 S-S-I Mogul REFLECTOR (+2459 GTPI), 7HO12192 Rockymountain REBEL-ET (+2455 GTPI), 7HO12165 Bacon-Hill MONTROSS-ET (+2452 GTPI) and 7HO12021 De-Su Ltm PONDER 11345-ET (+2452 GTPI) are five of the top 15 active genomic young sires. One quarter of the top 100 genomic young sires are Select sires. 7HO11787 Bacon-Hill O MOHAWK-ET is still the top young sire for Milk (+2,701) while 7HO11118 Mr Atwood BROKAW-ET (VG-86) is the leading Type young sire (+4.57 PTAT).

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