Why spend hours on a daily task when CowManager can do it for you in just a few minutes? Or miss out on family time when you can easily check how your herd is doing, wherever you are? CowManager believes being in control doesn’t have to be difficult. With our smart yet simple alerts, you proactively take charge of your business. Dairyman Brett Membrey (Australia): “We were spending 6 to 7 hours a day heat detecting during milking, instead of 10 minutes a day with CowManager – and now we’re getting it right.”

More Insights, Better Results

Since using CowManager’s Health and Fertility modules, Membrey’s dairy management has improved, getting more cows pregnant, and earlier, with accurate heat detection. He chose the CowManager system because of its simplicity. “CowManager is simple to use and very accurate. Taking the focus away from heat detection means staff can now focus on mastitis detection, which is both labor saving and cost reducing.” He prefers CowManager to other cow monitoring methods – and he’s not the only one.

Marcus Hollmann, nutritionist at Standard Dairy Consultants LLC and consultant for Summit Farms (USA), is a fan of the Nutrition module: “I really like the outstanding graphs. They capture not only the snapshot of the herd today, but also let me view changes over time very quickly, comparing eating and rumination times. CowManager is a tool in our toolbox to respond quickly, finetune the cows’ diet and essentially make the dairy more profitable.”

Valuable Time for Fun and Family

Data-driven farming not only provides more control and insights; it allows dairymen to take time off – especially when needed most. Michael Johnson (USA): “When we had our fourth child, thanks to CowManager I was able to stay at the hospital with my wife and newborn, and still keep an eye on our cows back home. I was confident CowManager would notify me of any cows in heat or cows feeling ill. What an incredible feeling it is to know I can be with my family, yet still provide the best care possible for my cows.”

Since using CowManager, Dutch dairyman Reijer den Hartog has also been able to spend more time with his kids and enjoys going on boat trips. “I like that I can now finish work in the barn in the evenings in just 10 minutes. Even when I’m out on the water on my boat, I can just check my phone to see if everything’s running smoothly back home.”

Better for Business and Herd

Veterinarian Dr. Hanna Strodthoff-Schneider believes using data on your dairy is better for your business and your herd’s health. She helps dairy farms to sustainably improve their animal health every day. “CowManager saves time, allows you to find cows in heat faster, have them pregnant sooner and allow them to give more milk. It also improves your herd’s health. You can monitor how the herd reacts to changes in environment, feeding, and you can make sure sick cows have a much better prognosis.”

It’s safe to say actionable insights are changing the dairy business. Increase efficiency, help dairymen be in full control of their business and herd, while saving valuable time and money.

The best way to get to know CowManager is to try it out. Download the free Demo App and check out the actionable insights yourself!

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