1. What is your name and where are you from?
“Chelsey Naito from Kaneohe, Hawaii, currently residing in Tillamook, Oregon.”

2. When did you start working for All West, what is your current title, and where do you work?
“I started working for All West on June 17, 2020 as a Relief Technician and became a full-time Professional A.I. Technician in the Tillamook, Oregon area in January of 2022.”

3. How did you get involved in the A.I. industry?
“I got started in the A.I. industry after taking a course at Oregon State University. Once I was trained, I began breeding for hobby farms in the Corvallis, Oregon area where I met Independent Beef Sales Representative, Adrienne Lulay. When a relief breeding position became available in Tillamook, Oregon, I was encouraged to apply and was hired by All West/Select Sires.”

4. Describe a typical day in your life on the job.
“As an A.I. Technician, my day starts at five o’clock in the morning. I visit seven dairies on my route, although that number can change if any other dairies call me and need cows bred also. The duties on the dairies can change based on whether I am heat checking the herd myself, or if the dairy has a computer system that tells me whether the cows are in heat or not and they are already ready for me to breed. I travel as far North as Kilchis River and as far South as Beaver to breed cows. My typical work day ends around eleven thirty in the morning.”

5. What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?
“I love to take my dogs to the beach, go hiking, and spend time with my fiancé, family, and friends.”

6. What is your favorite part of your job?
“Ever since I first started working with dairy cows as a student and employee at the Oregon State Dairy Farm, I have had a passion and love for the animals. All West is a great company to work for. I have a lot of support from both my direct boss and the teammates I work with closely in my area.”

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