Our sincere condolences to the family of Lanny Kipp, who passed away in Vancouver, WA on August 7, 2021 at age 74.

 Lanny joined the All West Family as a Sales Representative in Southwest Washington in 1984 and retired in December 2014. He was known for his vast knowledge, contagious smile, and genuine care in the lives of his co-workers and customers.

Lanny Kipp was recognized for outstanding sales for All West/Select Sires Agrarian Feed Additive Division. Pictured left to right; Don Lamb, All West/Select Sires Feed Division Manager, Marlin Beck, All West/Select Sires Montana Sales Representative, Lanny Kipp, Darryl Olson, All West/Select Sires Oregon Sales Representative and Mike Henderson, Agrarian Marketing Representative.

Many colleagues and customers recently shared what they will miss about Lanny most on our All West/Select Sires Facebook page. Here are a few of the kind comments shared:

Lanny was a great friend to his customers and coworkers. He would gladly drive another 100 miles at the end of the day if one of his customers needed semen or supplies. Lanny’s hard work and dedication gave him an excellent rating for customer satisfaction!
Herald Catlin, Past All West/Select Sires General Manager/CEO

I worked with Lanny for his entire 30 years with All West. He always put the best interests of his family, friends, co-workers and customers ahead of his own. Just a fantastic guy in every way!
Gary Bates, Past All West/Select Sires Sales Manager 

He wrote the book on serving others. He always had time for a visit. I will sure miss him.
Jeff Ziegler, Select Sires Inc. Vice President of Dairy Cattle Breeding 

My husband Bernie worked with Lanny for over 12 years and loved Lanny like a brother. Lanny was one of the best human beings ever! I am glad that Bernie was able to attend Lanny’s celebration of life. Lanny’s family was so welcoming to Bernie and appreciated him being there. We will miss Lambert.
Kari Warner

Lanny was one of a kind. A wise, kind man who knew his customers well and went above and beyond to help. Lanny loved telling us about his girls, he was so proud of them. Our prayers of comfort to his family. We missed him when he retired, but we know where his eternal home is.
Susan Burkhalter

 Lanny Kipp and his wife Sandy

Lanny will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on in the All West Family.

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