All West/Select Sires is pleased to announce that Brandon Boogerd has accepted a promotion to the position of All West Dairy Program Specialist in Washington and Oregon. Brandon has already been a valuable All West/Select Sires team member for almost 13 years as a Professional A.I. Technician in the Sunnyside, Washington area. Brandon’s first day in this new role is May 1, 2023.

Brandon grew up on his family’s dairy farm, where his father, Jim Boogerd, first taught him how to artificially inseminate cattle. Jim was a loyal customer of All West/Select Sires and also served on our All West Board of Directors for several decades. In high school, Brandon completed his senior project on the topic of artificial insemination with All West’s current Eastern Washington Technician Team Leader, Pat Wolf as his mentor. So, when All West/Select Sires was in need of a relief technician in 2010, it was an easy decision for him to officially join the All West Family.

Since then, Brandon has improved his skills and gained a great reputation among dairy producers and team members alike as a well-respected A.I. technician.

Fellow All West Professional A.I. Technician Leo Verduzco willingly stepped up to fulfill Brandon’s breeding roles in his current herds as Brandon moves on to his new duties. As a Dairy Program Specialist, Brandon will further assist Washington and Oregon dairy producers by problem solving and offering solutions through our various products, programs and services.

“This new role will be a big change for me, as my schedule and day-to-day tasks will be very different, but I am ready and excited to see where this opportunity takes me,” said Brandon.

“We are looking forward to having Brandon share his reproduction and management skills, as well as his passion for dairy cattle, with more of our member/owners to help make their operations more successful,” said Rory White, All West/Select Sires General Manager/CEO.

When Brandon is not busy learning his new tasks, he enjoys spending time with his wife of almost 14 years, Alyssa, and their three children, fishing, camping and being outdoors. They also keep him busy with the pigs and lambs that they raise for 4-H projects.

Brandon is a well-respected member of the dairy community and the All West Family and we are certain he will serve as a valuable specialist, as well. We look forward to the further assistance Brandon will now be providing to our team and our member/owners alike.

Congratulations Brandon!

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