With proofs coming out next week, we realize that there might some shuffling in the rankings of Jersey proven and young bulls.  However, there’s a group that we’re pretty excited about right now and think you ought to keep these on your radar, if you’re not already using them!

7JE1528 DISCO – With high components and high Cheese Merit, this Chisel son from the Maid family is also the breed leader for Productive Life and has a whopping +32.59UDC.  He’s currently the #1 HR no generation count young bull in the breed! Sexed fertility has been well above average too!

507JE1547 DIEGO – Also a Chisel son, DIEGO comes from a VG Axis dam followed by an EX Louie and an EX Mecca.  He’s a component and Cheese Merit improver as well.

507JE1569 KLAY-P {3} – From a big family that includes an EX Magnum x EX Critic-P x VG Headline x EX Parade x VG Bill x VG Kyle x 3 more VG dams, this Avon son is a milk machine at +1425M.  He’s also on the money for DPR at +0.9.

7JE1600 FOURNETTE {3} – This Avon son from Faria Brothers breeding is 208JPI and plus on DPR, while also weighing in at +1611 for milk!  He ranks at #3 on the High Ranking JPI list.

7JE1565 JX PECOS {3} – PECOS brings his “A-game” with a +24.07 JUI rating, plus components and nearly 200 for GJPI.  He writes a great maternal pedigree of a VG Marvel x VG Lemvig x VG Kody x VG Daniel x EX Hero.
507JE1604 JX MALDINI {4} – This early Messi son really rings the bell and is one of the biggest sire fathers in the Select program for 2017.  215 GJPI, 757 CM$, and 152 CFP with 17 JUI and 2.77 DPR really round him out to be one of the best Jersey bulls available in the breed today.  Ask about him EARLY on proof day to be sure you get some SEXED ONLY Maldini in December.

7JE5064 DISCIPLE-P From the famed River Valley breeding program, this +1.6T Saxon son is also 5.1 for PL and +1284 for milk while having one of the lowest SCS in the breed at 2.72.  His pedigree includes some of the greats of the breed like Nitro, Paramount, Impuls and Montana.

We’re anxiously awaiting new numbers next week, but are confident that using bulls like the ones mentioned here will help any breeding program, regardless of where we’re at in the sire summary timetable.  From solid families, with solid genomic rankings, these six young bulls are definitely ones to watch!

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