Select Sires Jersey Revolution 

Select Sires Jersey Revolution

Select Sires’ Jersey lineup is now home to four of the top five Jersey Performance Index™ (JPI™) sires: 523JE927 Wilsonview Jevon MAGNUM-ET (+221), 7JE1046 Sunrise/Hackline Bungy ZIPPER (+221), 7JE1038 All Lynns Louie VALENTINO-ET (+215) and 7JE1067 GR Oomsdale Tbone GOLDA-ET (+211). MAGNUM (+637), 236JE146 ISDK DJ ZUMA (+526) and ZIPPER (+520) are three of top five Net Merit (NM$) sires while MAGNUM (+680), ZUMA (+618), 236JE136 ISDK DJ HULK (+595) and ZIPPER (+587) rank in the top seven active and foreign A.I. sires for Cheese Merit (CM$).

VALENTINO regained the top active and foreign A.I. spot for Type at +2.4 PTAT while 7JE860 Maack Dairy ECLIPES-P-ET improved to the No. 4 spot at +2.1 PTAT. The Select Sires lineup also contains three of the top 10 active and foreign A.I. sires for Milk (GOLDA at +1,882, VALENTINO at +1,716 and ZIPPER at +1,400) while ZUMA (+6.7), MAGNUM (+5.5) and 7JE859 Chasin-Rainbows Act RILEY-ET (+4.8) are three of the top four for Productive Life (PL).

Select Sires’ commitment to fertility can be seen in the lineup’s industry-leading Sire Conception Rates (SCR). 7JE1036 Avon Road Impuls PAT debuts with as the breed leader for SCR at +5.3. He is followed by 7JE865 Sunset Canyon KYROS-ET (+4.8), 7JE962 Buttercrest SUCCESS-ET (+4.0), RILEY (+3.8), ECLIPES-P (+3.5) and 7JE886 Three Valleys Country MILES-ET (+3.3) in the top 10.

The Jersey lineup also stacks up well north of the border with six active lineup sires among the top 20 LPI sires including 236JE3 ISDK Q IMPULS (+1761) at No. 1 and VALENTINO (+1608) at No. 3. Other lineup sires in the top 20 are KYROS (+1507), 7JE1071 Freeman Blackstone SHINE-ET (+1503), ECLIPES-P (+1441) and SUCCESS (+1434). VALENTINO is the top Canadian Jersey sire for Milk while IMPULS is the No. 1 Protein sire.

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