After 41 years of experience in the artificial insemination industry and 12 years as the General Manager/CEO of All West/Select Sires, Jim Wells is officially retiring on June 30, 2021.


The Ohio native began his four-decade career in the industry with another A.I. company, but admits the last two decades working for All West/Select Sires have been the “most meaningful and most rewarding” to him.


While working for Sire Power, a small A.I. cooperative in the eastern United States, the cooperative was purchased by Select Sires Inc., giving Jim the unique opportunity to search for new employment within the industry. In May 2000, a chance meeting with All West’s Herald Catlin and Bill Genasci while visiting California turned in to a job offer, but more importantly, a life-long friendship between the three gentlemen.

Jim interviewed for and earned the title of General Manager/CEO in 2009 after several years of leading the All West team in Southern California. His passion, professionalism, and futuristic way of thinking quickly progressed the business, while nurturing the “All West Family” culture of the cooperative.

During his time in this role, Jim was known as a boss to many, but also a leader, mentor, and friend to even more. The All West Family will miss Jim’s leadership and advice, his smile and laughter, his love of baseball and being near water, his exciting and insightful stories, and of course, the many delicious meals shared whenever he was visiting.

When asked what his plans are now that he and his wife, Kathy, both retired this summer, Jim replied, “Living in California, when you mention you are going to retire, the first question you get is, ‘Where are you moving to?’. We don’t have any plans to leave California at this time, but there are several things that we are looking forward to getting involved in that we’ve wanted to be involved in for quite some time, but time just did not permit. We have a business opportunity or two that we are going to take advantage of and we’re looking to spend more time with our kids and our grandchildren at the beach and on the water. That is going to be the best way to make up for a lot of those days that we were apart due to the travel requirements of my career.”

Jim, we simply cannot thank you enough for the excellent leadership you provided to All West/Select Sires. Your legacy will live on in the many team members you hired and those you inspired along the way. Kathy, thank you for the many years you shared Jim with us. From your All West Family, we wish you both happiness, health, and many blessings in your retirement.

Please watch the video below to learn more about Jim’s career and hear from several past and present team members who he positively impacted.


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