Kathy Creighton-Smith is our newly elected All West/Select Sires District 19 Delegate. Kathy owns and operates her own embryo transfer business, ETCOWS Inc., and maintains her commercial beef herd consisting mostly of black Angus cattle in Florence, Montana.

Kathy was fortunate to attend Colorado State University when their embryo transfer lab was first established. When she graduated, embryo transfer was so new that few had the skills that she had learned while working there. This unique skill set led her to start her own embryo transfer business, Milk River Genetics in 1991, and then ETCOWS Inc. in 2015. Kathy’s business performs all aspects of embryo transfer including embryo recovery, manipulation, cryopreservation, and recipient management.

As an All West Beef customer of 30 years, Kathy is no stranger to Select Sires genetics. “Select Sires has always had a good selection of beef bulls to choose from,” said Kathy. “Furthermore, our Western Montana representative, Marlin Beck, is really good to work with.”

Kathy’s experience of not only being a customer, but also a provider to fellow producers with her full-service embryo transfer business, provides our leadership team with an interesting perspective. She admires the vast selection of sires she has to chose from at All West Beef, noting that her customers select bulls based on many different traits, depending on their herd goals.

Although this is Kathy’s first time serving in a leadership role for All West/Select Sires, she is an experienced leader having served as the first and only female president of the Montana Angus Association. She is also an active board member of the Montana Reining Horse Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Montana Beef Council and Montana Angus Association.

Kathy is now looking forward to adding participation as an All West/Select Sires Delegate to her resume. “I enjoy being involved in the beef industry in whatever capacity I can. I like to stay abreast of changes in the semen and genetic companies. I am hopeful to gain knowledge and also have the opportunity to share feedback that I have received from the producers I serve,” said Kathy.

When Kathy is not busy on the ranch with her beef herd, she enjoys raising and showing reining horses and spending time with her daughters, Savannah (29) and Alana (27).

Welcome to the team, Kathy! 

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