All West/Select Sires Delegate, District 22, Stockton, CA

As one family member moves on, another steps in to the role of District 22 Delegate. Justin Borges is the nephew of veteran All West Executive Committee Member, Frank Borba, who is retiring from his board position this year.

Justin’s parents started Manuel & Jeanette Borges Dairy Inc. over 40 years ago with 180 cows. Today, Justin milks 1,100 Holsteins in Stockton, California. The family has been using Select Sires genetics for over 20 years and has praised the wide range of great bulls to choose from. Justin selects bulls for traits including components, fertility, and type with the goal of creating “all around balanced and healthy cows”.

“Justin loves his cows and loves to be around them,” said All West Northern California District Manager, Greg Collins. “He is actively involved in all aspects of the dairy on a daily basis. He definitely takes a measured approach when caring for his herd and the business aspects of managing his operation. Justin takes advantage of more than just the Select Sires genetics that are offered by All West, including All West Technician Service and Repro Review, to make his breeding program as efficient and profitable as possible.”

Justin is looking forward to becoming an involved All West Delegate to keep his family’s tradition alive. “I hope to gain more in-depth knowledge of the sires offered and the structure of the cooperative, as well as make new connections in the industry.”

All West/Select Sires District 22 Delegate isn’t the only exciting title Justin recently gained. He is now a proud father of four with his wife of nine years, Breanne. The couple brought their newest bundle of joy, Connor, to the District 22 Meeting where Justin was elected when he was just one week old! Connor is the little brother of Dylan (8), Lena (6), and Madden (3). When Justin can get away from his demanding dairy routine, he spends his time at his children’s extracurricular activities. The family also looks forward to attending the California State Black and White Show each year.

Welcome to the team, Borges Family!

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