Jason Sheehan is our newly elected All West/Select Sires District 5 Delegate from Sunnyside, Washington. Jason, a Minnesota native, and his wife, Karen, joined Karen’s parents in the dairy business forming J & K Dairy, LLC in 2004. They currently milk 3,000 Holstein cows and approximately 35 Ayrshire cows.

J & K Dairy is unique as it is one of the herds that works closely with the World Wide Sires Global Training Center in Washington. This facility provides a world-class training program that is tailored and designed to advance knowledge and skill of each individual attending, and is comprised of five main herds, ranging from 1,000 to 24,000 cows.

Jason has been using Select Sires for over ten years and has praised the genetics, as well as the All West team of technicians and staff who support his breeding program. When selecting bulls, Jason looks closely at both Fat and Protein percentages, and strives for solid Type.

From being raised on his family farm in Minnesota, to partnering with his wife’s family in the business, Jason says genetics have always been a very important part of every operation. In his new leadership role with All West/Select Sires, Jason looks forward to connecting with fellow dairy producers on the west coast and maintaining the strength of the Select Sires cooperative.

Jason and Karen have been married for 20 years and have four children, Jared (16), Claire (14), Andrew (12), and Annelise (8). The family enjoys being outdoors, snowmobiling, and boating when they get the chance!

Welcome to the team, Sheehan Family!

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