Ruby Bengen is our newly elected All West/Select Sires District 5 Director. In 1971 her husband, Dick, took over his father’s dairy farm and began using All West Breeders genetics, known as All West/Select Sires today. In 1991, the couple wed and began farming together and in 2005, they moved their herd to Pasco, Washington. Today, Ruby Ridge Dairy is home to 2,300 Holsteins, both milking and dry. The herd uses Select Sires genetics exclusively in their breeding program.

Ruby said, “We chose to be customers of All West not only because they have a commitment to daughter proven sires, but also because of the tremendous support staff who service our herd! Retired All West/Select Sires Sales Representative Ken Haak played a very integral role in our success with his knowledge of sires and cow families.”

When it comes to choosing sires, Ruby and Dick rely heavily on All West’s Select Mating Service (SMS), currently managed by All West Dairy Program Specialist Randy Van Weiringen. “This program helps us select sires that match each cow, creating a strong cow that has stayability,” said Ruby.

Ruby hopes to offer valuable input to the cooperative and dairy industry as a whole in her new leadership role with All West/Select Sires.

Ruby’s husband has two grown children, Kristi and Todd, who have blessed them with grandchildren. Todd and his children currently farm with Ruby Ridge Dairy, as well. Besides spending time with their family, Ruby and Dick enjoy fly fishing when the opportunity allows.

Welcome to the team, Bengen Family!

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