Select Sires has implemented a new set of designation icons that will be used across all product lines including Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics, and GenerVations, and by all Select Sires’ subsidiaries.  These designations will also be used on the Select Sires Sire Directory and All West/Select Sires Price List provided by your representative following the April 2020 Sire Summary.

Use the descriptions below to familiarize yourself with the new designations. This will help you to recognize the new icons as useful tools for selecting sires that best meet your needs. Along with updated designs, qualifications and indexes were adjusted for a few of the designations. The changes reflect the latest industry research and available tools.

As always, contact your All West/Select Sires Representative with any questions regarding the new look of our designation icons.

Backed by more fertility research than any other A.I. source
Semen quality is extensively and continuously scrutinized, including field performance data. gender SELECTED semen is recognized by breeders as the highest-fertility product on the market!

Protect your genetic investment
A heifer calf from first calf heifers ensures easier calving and a less stressful start, lower veterinary bills and greater production potential!

No other source offers a greater genetic selection
Regardless of your breeding criteria, we have a sex-sorted sire for your program: 507-Select Sires, 550-GenerVations, 614-Accelerated Genetics.

Elite Sexed Fertility says it all
Achieve the highest sex-sorted semen conception rates, enhancing your return on investment.

Backed by actual field-test data
Sires must have greater than 500 sex-sorted semen inseminations and maintain a two percentage point advantage in conception rate over the average of all their peers.

Stringent requirements safeguard from inferior products
Sires must earn fertility designations based on the performance of each product (conventional, 2M or 4M).

Transparent marketing is a priority
Select Sires was the first in the industry to identify sires that achieve superior fertility in sex-sorted products.

Reduce feed costs, increase profitability and sustainability
For the modern producer who is concerned about feed costs and wants to improve profitability and lower their carbon footprint with more efficient cattle.

Increase production AND improve fertility
FeedPRO optimizes the selection for increased production and daughter fertility. FeedPRO bulls are in the 90th percentile for CFP and in the 70th percentile for DPR.

Increase production AND improve health
FeedPRO is 11 percent better than NM$ and TPI at improving resistance to mastitis and other recorded diseases.

Your best chance of a pregnancy
Identifies sires with superior fertility

Considers all possible fertility data sources
Combines extensive laboratory data with actual fi eld fertility data

A tradition of putting fertility first
Select Sires has always placed semen fertility at the top of the priority list. We’re not afraid to look at all data and put marginal performing semen where it belongs — in the trash!

Proprietary extender makes the difference
Superior fertility of all semen products begins with Select Sires’ proprietary semen extender.

Helping you maximize grazing success
GrazingPRO is designed for producers who utilize an intensive grass-based production system and want to improve profitability.

Targeting the genetics important in grass-based systems
GrazingPRO sires transmit greater longevity, better mobility, moderate stature, high component yields and excellent fertility.

Helping you keep an eye on DPR and SCS
Particular emphasis is placed on health and fitness traits, including Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and Somatic Cell Score (SCS).

Offspring will be robot-reliable
Use RobotPRO sires to create the next generation of profitable cows for your robotic milking system!

Geared toward critical robot management factors
Sires are selected with emphasis on maximizing the pounds of milk, fat and protein yield per minute of robot time.

Formulated with an emphasis on health and wellness
Expect daughters to perform well with minimal management issues and to transition quickly. Sires have low Somatic Cell Scores (SCS) and high mastitis resistance

The most elite conformation sires in all breeds
Producing offspring that can “win” in the barn and in the showring

More than just high PTAT
Built from the most respected maternal lines with special emphasis placed on fitness and wellness traits

Balanced genetics
Balance maintained with a focus on production traits

Rapid genetic progress
The most elite genomic young sires among all bulls are brought into stud annually to provide cutting-edge genetic progress

Cow family oriented, science based
Combines elite pedigrees with the science of genomics

Superior graduation rates
The highest percentage of Progeny Proven sires started as GForce sires.

Foundation for the future
Nearly all GForce sires will have sons developed for later samplingand sales.

GForce+ sires are the total package
High genetic rank, confirmed elite fertility and confirmed calving ease

Your best bet for a superior genetic pregnancy
High-ranking Sire Conception Rates (SCR) from progeny test semen

Making a pregnancy is paramount
GForce+ sires give you more pregnancies and provide proven calving ease.

Cost per days open varies from $3 to $7 per day
Why not lessen that load by using GForce+ sires?

Graduates of Select Sires’ proving program
No more guessing or hoping, what you see is what you get.

Globally proven
The best performing milking cows globally teach us who earns the Progeny Proven label!

Customer satisfaction superstars
Highly reliable proofs provide consistent daughter results. These sires will be your best and most consistent performers!

On-farm data tells the story
Actual on-farm data proves or disproves each sire’s genomic estimate.

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