All/West Select Sires is pleased to announce the addition of Jake Oldow to the team as an A.I. Relief Technician. Jake is native to Washington and grew up in Burlington area. He was raised amongst many kinds of agriculture, but didn’t became interested in the industry until later in life, after having pursued a career in mechanics.

Jake graduated from Burlington High School in 2004 and went on to take a few college courses in diesel mechanics. In his free time Oldow is quite the inventor and currently has one of his more recent inventions going through the provisional patent process. For leisure Jake enjoys many sports and woodworking.

Oldow is excited to learn even more about the A.I. industry, including the wide range of All West products and services.   “I really am enjoying my job and I love how family oriented this company is. Everyone makes me feel right at home.  I am looking forward to bringing the industry’s best genetics to our customers through our highly-trained A.I. program.”

Oldow started work with All West in early December.


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