What is ProfitMAX?

ProfitMAX helps customers better achieve long-term profitability from future herd replacements and improve short-term cash flow by increasing the value of extra calves to be sold to the beef market. The goal of this program is to increase your herd’s profitability:• Identify areas to increase profit• Determine proper herd inventories• Increase profits from lower-value genetics• Create elite replacements from your best genetics• Improve short-term cash flow Through a comprehensive reproductive and genetic audit utilizing your dairy operation’s herd management records, you will gain a better understanding of the current cow and heifer benchmarks for reproductive efficiency as well as the genetic value of each individual animal in your herd inventory. The assessment will also provide a better understanding of the performance impact from previous genetic inputs and provide a basis to examine future operation goals. Based on each individual dairy operation’s future goals for the milking herd inventory, Select Sires’ reproductive and genetic specialists will provide an audit of current cow and heifer inventory levels using the Optimal Genetic Pathways calculator. This audit will provide projections for the number of replacement heifers needed to meet future herd size goals.

Maximize premiums on value-added calves

Through this program, many dairies are working with genetic and reproductive consultants to analyze herd records and identify females of the lowest genetic value. Semen from elite sires in conventional semen, sex-sorted semen and beef semen are all strategies outlined in ProfitMAX to increase profit potential. Here, we dive into crossbreeding and details on ProfitMAX’s beef sire selection process.

Beef crossbreeding has long been identified as a way to improve a dairy herd’s bottom line and is a critical opportunity for added profits. Select Sires has designated a lineup of sires specifically for the ProfitMAX program. By hand-picking sires for these lineups, customer-owners can expect the best return on their investment. Additionally, these sires are strategically selected to protect the integrity of the end-product market.

Specifically selected for crossbreeding on Holsteins and Jerseys, Select Sires’ ProfitMAX beef sire lineup excels in calving ease, growth performance and carcass merit. Most importantly, these sires offer elite fertility to maximize the reproductive performance in your herd.1. A ProfitMAX sire’s semen has been produced by Select Sires and has met the rigorous health and quality standards we demand for our customers. Subsequent field testing will earn a sire a Fertility Verified designation, which combines semen quality evaluations with conception data. 2. A ProfitMAX Sire ranks in the top ½ of his respective breed for both Calving Ease and for Terminal Index.Using above-average Calving Ease bulls helps to reduce dystocia, results in more live calves and ultimately improves future reproductive performance for both cows and heifers.The Terminal Index combines traits for growth, gain and end-product merit into one index. Using above-average sires for Terminal Index means your resulting calves will perform well on feed and earn premiums at harvest.

Breed-specific traits and indexes

• Angus – Beef Value ($B): an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for post weaning and carcass value compared to progeny of other sires.

• Simmental – Terminal Index (TI): evaluates sires for use on mature Angus cows with all offspring put on feed and sold grade and yield.

• Charolais – Terminal Sire Index (TSI): represents a dollar index per terminal progeny produced from a bull in the Charolais database, ranking them for profit potential.

• Limousin – Mainstream Terminal Index ($MTI): measures differences in expected profit per carcass produced on a mainstream grid (yield grade 1 or 2, Select to low-Choice quality grade, and no over- or under-weights or dark cutters).


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