A Genetic Business Plan for Your Dairy

Developing a herd of cows with the type and production you demand – that’s the goal of the world’s most trusted mating program, Select Mating Service® (SMS®). Professional SMS consultants use research, computerized analysis and cow knowledge to build better herds throughout the world, one mating at a time. They work hard to save you time, protect your investment and assist you in reaching genetic goals for your herd.

 Dairy Producers Report:

  • SMS saves time in daily herd management, keeping your breeding program and genetic progress moving forward 365 days a year.
  • SMS results in more consistency in the type traits that correlate to longer-lived cows – the traits that have economic importance for your herd are the focus of the mating program.
  • Professional SMS consultants manage the mass amount of sire information and the constant updates from genetic research. They are your genetic advisors on everything from genomics to the latest index changes.

®Select Mating Service and SMS are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc.

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