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We’ve been talking about the ProTECH training program at All West/Select Sires in previous issues of DIAMONDCuts and have highlighted many benefits of what the program can do.  But this month, we wanted to spotlight one of the graduates of the program and visit with him not only about ProTECH work, but what kind of management tips he has for his customers.  We hope you enjoy this brief visit with ProTECH Frank Gregorio of Acampo, CA.  He’s one of our best!

ProTECH technician Frank Gregorio

When describing his younger years, ProTECH technician Frank Gregorio can easily say he was a “farm kid.”  From experiencing life on different dairies that his father worked at, to living on the family dairy for eight years, Frank had his share of practical learning opportunities in a variety of operations.  “I grew up with a great passion for the dairy industry and a desire to continue that work on my own.  My wife, Kelley, and I decided to do just that in 1999, and started our own Registered Jersey and Grade Holstein dairy.  We loved it and loved that our children were exposed to the business as well, and in fact, our daughter Gabby has had great success in the showring to this day with her Jersey and Holstein heifers.  We’re really proud of her!  In 2006, we made the tough decision to sell the cows.  Because I didn’t want to get too far away from the work I truly enjoyed, I worked as a technician for both Genex and Accelerated Genetics for five years before joining the All West team in 2011.”

Frank Gregorio & daughter Gabbie

Since that time, Frank has grown his business exponentially, and developed a great relationship with technicians, evaluators and salespeople in the ‘northern California’ area.  He was a prime candidate to participate in the ProTECH training program at All West, and he didn’t hesitate.

“Although I had bred cows for a number of years, I really enjoyed the detailed training of ProTECH.  Harry Anderson and Greg Collins were very capable instructors and emphasized learning opportunities that would enhance our service to dairymen.  We received extensive training on computer systems and troubleshooting herd reports, as well as gaining a more complete understanding of breeding and reproductive function, including synch programs and hormone function.  We practiced complete and accurate heat detection, as well as improving palpation skills.  And above all, we were trained on the importance of treating our technician business, and our customers, on a professional basis.  What we do is so important for the profitability of our customers.  Finding the right cows in heat, and getting them pregnant the first time, can make a big difference in the bottom line of our herds.”

Having the lifelong experience and the recent ProTECH training, Frank feels like he can serve his customers better than ever.  And in doing so, he’s created a list of “Five tips for reproductive success” that he was willing to share with us:

1.  Develop a partnership for success – have monthly meetings with the breeder, the vet, the nutritionist and the owner to talk about the herd.  The breeder sometimes spends more time with the cows than anyone else, so he would notice problems before they escalate.  Communication is key.

2.  Patience – some problems aren’t resolved overnight

3.  Quality – whether you’re talking about feed, technician service or semen, sometimes the inexpensive choice doesn’t always save you money.  Look at the big picture before cutting costs, because it’s likely that one choice will affect other areas of the dairy.

4.  Balanced breeding – breed for what your cows need and what your herd goals are.  You don’t necessarily have to follow a trend or do what your neighbor is doing.  Find out what works for you, and stick to it.

5.  Utilize technology – whether it’s synch programs, a repro review report, or other useful tools to monitor herd success…use them!  There’s a lot of information out there, and sometimes it’s not just overwhelming, it’s simply confusing.  That’s where Step #1 comes into play.  Use your partnership resources to understand technology and get the most out of it!

Frank Gregorio & Retired California Regional Manager, Bill Genasci


The All West team of ProTECH technicians are leading the industry in advanced skills, training, and professionalism.  Talk to your A.I. rep today and find out how they can help!

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