Select Mating Service™ (SMS™) genetic consultants added more than 2 million new animals to the program in North America last year, the largest number of additions in Select Sires’ history. This included over 900,000 linear evaluations and 1.2 million pedigree matings. Select Sires’ team of genetic consultants has been helping dairy producers manage inbreeding and improve the quality of their herds through corrective matings since 1973.

“The inbreeding level for the Holstein breed increased more in one year (2012 to 2013) than any one year since 1997,” explains Lon Peters, vice president of dairy sire product services. “Genetics is a large component of a herd’s profitability and managing the genetic thief called inbreeding is as important as ever. Accurate parentage identification is critical to managing inbreeding and genetic defects. With the growth in the number of haplotypes that impact fertility, and the inbreeding problem, management of these genetic issues will continue to be more and more of a concern.”

Professional genetic consultants use research, computerized analysis, cow knowledge, experience and good relationships with dairy producers to make the correct selection of sires to meet breeding goals, one corrective mating at a time. With a watchful eye on industry trends and customer-owners’ needs, Select Sires continues to adapt Select Mating Service™ (SMS™) to fit with the improved genetic research and changing industry.

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