Select Sires Inc. graduated eleven Holsteins, three Jerseys and one Ayrshire into the cooperative’s diverse product lineups with the April sire summary.

“We are dedicated to procuring and developing sires that fulfill a variety of market demands and maximize genetic potential in herds throughout the United States and around the world,” says Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding at Select Sires. “As customer-owners of the Select Sires cooperative, you can be assured that our genetic offering is backed by profit-minded decisions to improve your bottom line and this graduating class of proven sires is a perfect reflection of that commitment.”

Select Sires’ new graduates made an impressive debut on Holstein Association USA’s Top TPI® Bulls list with 7HO13334 PHANTOM (+2670 GTPI), 7HO12690 LOYALTY (+2601), 7HO12742 FOXHOLE (+2600) and 7HO13373 FLAGSHIP (+2597) ranking among the industry’s top-30 sires.

In terms of production, FOXHOLE, PHANTOM and 7HO12657 TOMEK lead the class, each offering more than +1,700 milk pounds and +136 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP). Ranking among the breed’s top 15 for CFP, PHANTOM impresses with +183 CFP.

The Net Merit (NM$) values of this group are extremely elite and competitive among industry rankings. Each of the new Holstein graduates offer more than +650 NM$, with PHANTOM (+831 NM$), FOXHOLE (+816 NM$) and 7HO12709 MUSTANG (+778 NM$) leading.

Beat the Heat

With summer weather and heat stress ahead, customer-owners can rely on Select Sires to offer more, high fertility and superior conception rate sires than any other genetics company. With elite Sire Conception Rate (SCR) values, 7HO12596 BENTLEY (+1.5 SCR), MUSTANG (+1.2 SCR) and TOMEK (+1.0 SCR) offer confidence in the summer breeding season. Of the new graduates, 7HO13328 YALE and FLAGSHIP carry the innovative Elite Sexed FertilityTM designation to indicate the highest performing sex-sorted sires.

Health and Wellness

Improving the health and wellness of your herd means a better bottom line. With data and selection tools from Zoetis and the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), Select Sires offers strategies to breed healthier cattle.

Sires most likely to make a positive impact on wellness by reducing the genetic risk of common dairy cow diseases are identified as WellnessPRO® by using Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) data and include BENTLEY (+147 WT$) and PHANTOM (+140 WT$). Among the industry’s best Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®) sires are new graduates PHANTOM (+956 DWP$), BENTLEY (+857 DWP$) and FOXHOLE (+854 DWP$).

Exciting Jersey Graduates

7JE1474 SALSA-P joins the daughter-proven lineup as a top-5 bull for Jersey Performance IndexTM (JPITM) (+160 GJPI) with huge Milk yield (+1,141) and high Cheese Merit (CM$) (+582). 7JE1490 GREG is a 7JE1336 BALLISTIC son with a well-balanced proof and big production and component pounds (+872 M, +97 CFP). 7JE1516 DYNASTY is a 7JE1221 PHAROAH son offering favorable fitness traits (+2.0 DPR) and elite milk production values (+986 M).

New Ayrshire Graduate

7AY109 DIXON joins the Select Sires lineup with an impressive proven GPTI of +517. He boasts a profitable combination of Milk (+441), Fat (+45) and Protein (+25) pounds. DIXON’s pedigree will be recognized by Ayrshire enthusiasts as his dam is the famed Excellent (94) Trident daughter out of Maple Dell Zorro Darfourth (EX-95-2E).

Accelerated Genetics Additions

Joining the proven Accelerated Genetics lineup is 14HO7714 HURRICANE (+1,225 M, +125 CFP, +2527 GTPI) and *14HO7770 HELIX (1,637 M, +179 CFP). Both sires excel in production traits, adding values of more than +1,200 pounds of milk and +120 CFP. With a 5.8% Sire Calving Ease (SCE) and more than 3,300 observations, HURRICANE shows himself as a calving ease specialist. HELIX offers elite NM$ (+843) and ranks competitively in the breed for GTPI (+2649).



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