Our friend and Select Sires Inc. Jersey Sire Analyst Herby Lutz recently shared some of the results he has been seeing from our Jersey sires as he travels throughout the nation and around the world to diverse Jersey herds. Read on to see how the Jersey Revolution is rolling on!

Hello everyone! I hope every one of you have had a wonderful Fall so far and are looking forward to a jolly month with the December 2022 Sire Summary and Christmas just around the corner.

There has been a lot of excitement in the Jersey program at Select Sires Inc. and I want to share a little with you!


The hot new August graduate 7JE1758 JX THRASHER {6} is really making the kind of cows dairy producers like. His daughters have strength that has been lacking in the breed a little in the past. Most dairy producers don’t see the minus Jersey Performance Index (JUI) he shows on proofs. The daughters are wide throughout and have wide rear udders and shallow udders for the huge flow and components they are producing. Make sure you look for the new pictures of Thrasher daughters coming with December proofs!

14JE1762 CASTRO was another exciting August 2022 graduate. His balanced profile and nice JUI is really showing in his daughters around the country.

There are three other bulls I want to mention as their daughters continue to stand out when I walk through corrals around the world. 7JE1699 JX PINE {6} continues to make those daughters breeders love with awesome udders! They breed back quickly and he delivers those awesome component percents.

7JE1699 JX PINE {6} daughters at Wickstrom Jersey Farms, Inc. in Hilmar, California
JX Dupat Pine 22200 {5}, Dupat Pine 21814 (VG-81%), JX Dupat Pine 21839 {5} (VG-80%)


7JE1726 STARLORD also has daughters with super udders and great health traits that seem to be lasting a long time.

7JE1726 STARLORD daughter at Jer-Z-Boyz Ranch in Pixley, California
JX Jer-Z-Boyz Starlord Marla 72379 {5}

7JE1638 RESPECT is another bull that dairy producers seem to be loving. They are square framed and have those welded on udders everyone wants. When the proof data rolls around in December, look for a new picture of a daughter that just classified 91% as a second lactation cow in a 5000-cow herd!

7JE1638 RESPECT daughter at Jer-Z-Boyz Ranch in Pixley, California
Paulo-Bro Respect Drovie 69900 (VG-84%)

With the December Sire Summary, we are looking forward to seeing new data on both 7JE1787 CALIBAN and 7E1792 NAVIDAD as we have started seeing daughters of both that are making nice young cows.

We have also released some breed-leading genomic bulls lately in 614JE2083 SEISMIC-PP, a bull that will have every calf polled and still brings high ranking Jersey Performance Index (JPI +171) and Cheese Merit (CM$ +$769) to your herd.

Make sure you look at 507JE2062 OTIS, 550JE5081 MAVERICK, 507JE2102 FIRSTCUT, 614JE2114 URI and 614JE2075 PEBBLE {6}-P as a few of the many new, high-ranking options we offer to meet your needs!

Until the next round of sire summaries – stay safe & Happy Holidays!

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