Some of you might remember this great song by The Clash that came out a few years ago. As we get ready to put the finishing touches on the year 2015 at All West/Select Sires, we can’t help but ask this question because in all reality, it’s been a GREAT year at All West!
The Jersey Revolution continues to roll on, and this year we saw significant growth in member/owner use of River Valley sires with the 7JE5000 series. The pedigree power and diversity that the River Valley lineup brings to Select Sires has been second to none, and continues to impress breeders of all types.
And we congratulate our River Valley partners on their recent success at the 2015 All American Jersey Show – 7 cows in the top 4; 10 cows in the top 7; and Premier Exhibitor!

Just this month, Select Sires revealed even more Jersey Revolution power with the announcement of a partnership with Jerseyland Sires. 

Both programs will obviously add some horsepower to the Jersey lineup, which means that we’ll be able to reach even more customers in the All West area…a good thing for member/owners like you! You can read more about River Valley and Jerseyland in this e-newsletter.

In 2015, we have also expanded our technician services throughout All West, for both dairy and beef customers. In fact, on the beef side of things, we are excited to announce some new areas offering chute-side breeding services to customers who previously had no way of utilizing artificial insemination. The talents and enthusiasm of our technician team is extremely contagious!

We’ve also had a tremendous year of sales, aided in part by the outstanding lineup of bulls we work with. Just this last proof round, Select Sires had SIX of the top TEN bulls on the Top 100 TPI List…that’s record breaking! Breed leading sires that have delivered the combination of functional type with high health traits and production have dominated, and in fact, a few of those “chart toppers” are still on a “Fall for 100” special through next week

So we’ve had an exceptional year, and it’s awfully tempting to want to “stay.” But oh do we have a great year coming up! In 2016, we’re kicking off a year-long celebration of the 75th Anniversary of All West/Select Sires. That’s 75 years of working side by side with you and your families to make this co-operative what it is today. You’ll notice on our new dairy proof & price list that comes out next week that we have a new “look” emphasizing this appreciation of strong families. 

All year long we’ll be looking back at the people and the bulls and the programs that have made All West, starting with online videos and stories posted at 

We’re also looking forward to our 75th Anniversary booth at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California in February. Stop by and say hi if you’re at Farm Show. We’d love to visit with you.

One of the bright spots in our future is that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) audit of the NAAB and CDCB ruled that the practice of not allowing the comparison of A.I. stud fertility averages in print media was illegal. This is good news! Yes, we’re excited to be leading the way with our tremendous fertility advantage (as seen below), but it’s even better news that we’re delivering a high quality product that…gets…cows…bred. As new data becomes available, we will continue to share information with you that helps you make an informed decision when it comes to A.I. suppliers.


Beyond the anniversary excitement, and the new proof news that we’ll be getting next week, we’re looking forward to continued growth at All West through expanded services, new partners and as always, an enthusiastic, highly trained All West team.

Should I stay or should I go? The question’s been answered. It was a great run in 2015, but hold on for an exciting new year ahead!
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