Your herd will be flying high with 14HO14995 BLUEBIRD as a father! This sire was bred right here in All West Territory by our very own District 30 Delegate, Mike Santos of Terra-Linda Dairy in Tulare, California. He is an early 14HO14085 SOLUTION son who is soaring up the ranks in fitness traits at +7.4 Productive Life (PL), +2.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +3.8 Livability (LIV) and a low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) at 2.69.


BLUEBIRD is also an A2A2 sire with Select Sires’ RobotPRO and GrazingPRO designations. He has solid production traits, including +758 pounds of milk, +32 Protein, +58 Fat, and Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) at +90.


“Terra Linda Dairy is doing a great job getting several bulls active in the A.I. industry! BLUEBIRD is a good, California-bred bull with a lot of quality production traits, as well as solid type and udders. He should do a good job in siring something a little different if you’re looking to get in on an early SOLUTION son,” said All West Sales Representative, Tony DeMello.

14HO14995 Terra-Linda Sol Bluebird-ET

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