14HO15667 MINKAH is an exciting young sire in our Accelerated Genetics lineup! The 14HO14906 CHAS son has impressive Fitness traits including +$1,063 Herd Health Profit Dollars (HHP$), Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) of +1.0, and +6.2 Productive Life (PL). His Type traits include a Genomic Total Performance Index (GPTI) at +2959 and +1.50 Udder Composite (UDC). He also has a Net Merit (NM$) of +$988.

All West Dairy Marketing Director, Tony De Mello commented, “14HO15667 MINKAH is an impressive young sire with $1,005 Dairy Wellness Profit Dollars (DWP$) and a low Somatic Cell Score of 2.66.  He is also a Calving Ease sire with a 1.6 Sire Calving Ease (SCE) and best of all, he has great fertility with a Sire Conception Rate (SCR) of +3.2 and Calving to First Insemination (CFI) at 4.0. He is also an outcross sire, making him very easy and powerful to use across many of the bloodlines today.”

MINKAH is also designated as a FeedPRO and RobotPRO sire and his genetics are available gender SELECTED SexedULTRA.

Contact your All West Representative to add 14HO15667 MINKAH semen to your tank!


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