507JE1930 DABO is a great new addition to our sexed-only lineup! This young sire ranks in the top five in the breed for Jersey Performance Index (JPI) at +154 and in the top ten for Cheese Merit (CM$) at +$724. These impressive rankings, combined with his excellent health and fitness traits, make him a highly desired genderSELECTed sire. He ranks at #2 in the breed for Productive Life (PL) at +6.9 and #6 for Livability (LIV) at +4.1. DABO backs up these traits and rankings with high milk production (+730) and positive fat and protein percents, with a low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) of 2.72.

Goff Disco 36341-ET (EX-90%)
Dam of 507JE1930 DABO

“DABO has a tremendous sire stack, sired by the elite production bull Listowel-P and then our exceptional health and fitness bull, 7JE1528 DISCO. He is also backed by the impressive 90-point DISCO daughter above. These two bulls make the perfect mating and it shows in DABO’s rankings. He is a bull that does it all, to go along with a balanced linear in his proof, and the FeedPro, GrazingPro and A2A2 designations. Look for DABO to improve your herds from top to bottom,” All West/Select Sires Dairy Program Specialist, Brian Nelson.

Contact your All West/Select Sires Representative to get 507JE1930 DABO in your tank!

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