7HO12942 RESOLVE moved up in the rankings following the August 2020 sire summary and has been gaining popularity ever since! This 7HO13250 JEDI son is currently No. 10 for GTPI at +2776 and is impressing dairymen throughout All West Territory with his additional trait values (+1,499 Milk, +106 CFP, +1.15 Type, and +1.2 SCR). RESOLVE is also designated as a FeedPro and RobotPro sire and is available genderSELECTED.

All West Director of Dairy Programs Angie Kennedy recently shared her insight. “RESOLVE sires uniform cattle with square rumps and plenty of width throughout for their beautiful udders, and correct feet and legs. He is also the sire of several up and coming sons, including 14HO14636 TRY ME who excels in health and wellness traits.”

Hilmar-D Resolve 14398-ET (VG-87), owned by Dale Matheron, Hilmar, CA

All West Dairy Program Specialist Rodney Paulo commented, “He has been a real breeder-satisfaction bull in All West Territory! Our customers have been loving the udders, especially strong feet and legs, and depth of heel that his daughters have. We know many producers have moved on from proven bulls to using more genomic sires. When you see RESOLVE in the pedigree of young genomic bulls, you know you’re going to get beautiful-uddered cows who milk and have dairy strength with good feet and legs.”

7HO12942 RESOLVE daughter in All West Territory, milking 90 lbs with 102 FCM at 123 dim

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