School is back in session and it’s time to focus on the ABC’s of your breeding program with 7HO14320 ALPHABET!




This exciting 14HO7770 HELIX son has been in high demand from a young age. Although his popularity placed him on our allocated list throughout his early months, we have plenty of semen available at this time. 

ALPHABET is one of HELIX’s highest Milk sons at +2,052, while maintaining a positive Fat % of +0.07 at +100 pounds of Fat and with a Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) of +158.

His positive traits do not end with exceptional production; ALPHABET is checking producer’s boxes from A to Z! His fitness traits include +3.5 Productive Life (PL). He boasts a solid Type proof at +1.48 and a wonderful linear, including +1.62 Udder Composite (UDC) and +0.50 Feet and Legs Composite (FLC). His Total Performance Index (TPI) score of +2869 ranks him as a leader among young bulls at Select Sires.

In addition, his positive semen fertility at +0.5 Sire Conception Rate (SCR) should help to get cows pregnant following the summer heat!  

GBM Shottle America-ET (VG-86-DOM)
Fourth dam of 7HO14320 ALPHABET

All West/Select Sires Sales Representative, Tony DeMello, commented, “I like that ALPHABET is a 14HO7770 HELIX son out of a 7HO12266 YODER. Those are two bulls our customers love for the beautiful uddered, high producing, trouble-free cows they sire. ALPHABET should make the same kind of strong, open cows with high production and great udders.”  

Contact your All West/Select Sires Representative to get 7HO14320 ALPHABET semen in your tank!

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