We know production traits are always on your mind and we have a young sire who should be, too!

7HO15472 HARPER debuted in Select Sires Holstein lineup in 2021 as one of the highest Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) sires at Select Sires, currently at +173. He is also one of 250HO14134 RENEGADE’s highest sons for Genomic Total Performance Index (GTPI) at +2933 and +903 Net Merit (NM$), as well. 

Kevin Jorgensen, Select Sires Inc. Holstein Sire Analyst, made a visit to the West Coast early in 2021 and was impressed by several members of this cow family on his tour.  “HARPER’s dam was unfortunately lost as a just fresh two-year-old, but I was at the dairy in 2019 just prior to her calving and she was an exceptional heifer,” said Kevin. “He has a beautiful linear profile and hails from 14HO7770 HELIX’s maternal line.”

This GForce sire was bred right here in All West Territory by the Vanden-Berge family in Bakersfield, California and is also available gender SELECTED SexedULTRA.

Cookiecutter Ssire Has-ET (VG-88-DOM)
Great Granddam of 7HO15472 HARPER
Owner: Thomas Kugler & David King, Valley Falls, NY

We have plenty of his semen available in our tank!

Contact your All West/Select Sires Representative to use 7HO15472 HARPER in herd!

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