7HO15793 PEARCE is a 7HO15085 PARFECT son who brings the whole package to your herd with impressive Sire Calving Ease (2.1), Type (+2.18) and Production (+1,458 Milk and +150 Combined Fat and Protein). Furthermore, his Type traits include +3036 GPTI, +2.12 Udder Composite (UDC), and +1.42 Foot & Leg Compositive (FLC). He is also an A2A2 sire with a Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) of +1.0 and +5.1 Productive Life (PL).

All West Dairy Marketing Director, Tony De Mello, was eager to order PEARCE for our inventory as soon as possible! We have plenty of conventional semen available and sexed semen has been ordered to arrive in All West Territory soon.

“He is definitely a bull that you will want to use,” said Tony. “7HO15085 PARFECT is what I call a crossover bull, who is able to make great Type cows, great Production cows, and great TPI cows. I think his sons will do the same and PEARCH will follow greatly in this father’s footsteps.”  

Granddam of 7HO15793 PEARCE
Adaway Helix 1775-ET (VG-86-VG-MS)
Owner: Adaway Dairy LLC, Waucoma, IA


Contact your All West/Select Sires Representative to use 7HO15793 PEARCE in herd!

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