7HO15975 DIGITAL is a young sire who is bringing the digits of data that every dairy producer likes to see! His fitness traits include an impressive +$1,097 Herd Health Profit Dollars (HHP$), +1,165 Daughter Wellness Profit Index (DWP$), and Productive Life at +5.2. He is also a leading production sire at +1,366 Milk, +168 Combined Fat and Protein and +1,020 Net Merit (NM$). His Type traits include a Genomic Total Performance Index (GPTI) at +3045 and +1.58 Udder Composite (UDC).

All West Dairy Marketing Director, Tony De Mello commented, “Digital is a Moonshiner son who I feel everyone is missing. He has a unique pedigree being a Moonshiner x Romeo x Duke x Tahiti. With a full Select Sires pedigree, those of you who missed out on 250HO13267 DUKE because of his lower Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) can now use Digital as his positive DPR grandson at +0.3. Digital is also an extreme Calving Ease sire +1.6 and he has a very nice linear. We have a good supply ready for you right now at All West!”

This 14HO15201 MOONSHINER son is backed by generations of impressive genetics, including his granddam below.

Sheland Duke Daylily-ET (VG-85)
Great Granddam of 7HO15975 DIGITAL
Owner: Sheland Farms LLC, Adams, NY


DIGITAL is also designated as a Mastitis ResistantPRO and FeedPRO sire and his genetics are available gender SELECTED SexedULTRA.

We currently have his semen available in All West Territory!

Contact your All West/Select Sires Representative to use 7HO15975 DIGITAL in your herd!

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