7JE1505 JX POGBA {4} daughters have been impressing customers throughout All West Territory. Not only is this bull a FeedPRO, RobotPRO, and GrazingPRO specialst, he is also A2A2 and BB Kappa Casein, and available in sexed semen as a genderSELECTED sire. Pictured above is his dam, JX Faria Brothers Daybreak 212528 {3} (VG-88%).

All West Director of Dairy Programs Angie Kennedy recently shared her insight. “This bull makes consistently good cows that you will be happy to milk! He can be a little weak in the fore udder, so protect for that. However, he has positive DPR (+0.8) and excellent components.”

Angie also shared a photo of a 7JE1505 POGBA daughter above who caught her eye on a recent walk through the pens at SBS Ag in Tulare, California.












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