Now is the time to breed for March show calves! Do you know who will sire your next champion? Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317-ET (VG-89) is the dam of all five excellent options below!

Dam of 250HO16492 HARPY, 7HO16493 HAKAN-P, 250HO16498 HULU, 250HO16388 HANSKE-P,
7HO16387 HANX-P Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317-ET (VG-89)
Owner: Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc, Newton, WI

“Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317 is quickly becoming the most influential daughter of her sire, the great 7HO14160 LUSTER-P. Her dam is Siemers Doc Hanan 28286, a 250HO12961 DOC daughter scored EX-92, making her the modern-day magic cross of LUSTER-P and DOC.

Hanan 33317 is the flagship of the great cow family at Siemers Holsteins in Wisconsin and is proving to be an extraordinary brood cow. The results are evident in her first five sons by three sires below, who are ranked among the highest in the Holstein breed. All of them are over +3.00 for Type, with positive components, great milk production and impressive feet and legs, while being A2A2 sires, as well.

You can use one, but I would use all five and make sure you get the best of the best. These bulls are the complete genetic package!” – All West/Select Sires Dairy Marketing Director, Tony De Mello


250HO16492 HARPY

7HO16493 HAKAN-P

250HO16498 HULU

250HO16388 HANSKE-P

7HO16387 HANX-P

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