With so many sires to choose from in our new Spring 2021 Beef Sire Directory, it can be tough to narrow it down to your herd sires for the upcoming breeding season. You cannot go wrong with any of our sires, but we caught up with All West Beef Large Herd Specialist, Clint Sexson, to give you further insight about a few All West Territory favorites.


“This young bull is coming into his own. He is sired by none other than 7SM80 WIDE RANGE, the bull that physically changes cattle to stout, functional, and eye appealing in just one mating. Broad Range is the next step in the equation! He will confidently add smoothness to the front third and clean up the naval and sheath, yet his profile, length, and muscle definition will follow his sire. The number bump he offers will work in all matings including complimentary phenotypes of Simmental, SimAngus, and Angus.”


“This bull is answering so many questions in his career so far. He is the outcross sire for many mating options in the Red Angus and Simmental breeds. He also offers much more to customers including sleep-all-night calving ease, above average calf vigor, docility, feed conversion on test, carcass quality, and his daughter’s udder quality is impressive. He continues to be a quick recommendation!”

7HP122 NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET

“This sire offers cow making phenotype to appeal in purebred operations with great udder EPDs and breed-improving carcass predictions. Commercial operations are even taking notice of what this bull offers to the industry. He is the baldy maker bull to use on heifers and cows to compliment convenience traits needed in most western environments. He should sire moderate sized cattle with the ability to flesh well on limited feed. The udder quality expected will continue to improve on his low input traits, yet he offers plenty of milk for his daughters. The terminal bound calves will compliment any retained ownership programs. He is a balance trait bull with cow making phenotype.”


“Why the new bull? Why not?! Endeavor offers an absolute outcross mating option for most traditional Select Sires beef pedigrees. He ranks high for calving ease, birth weight, and maternal calving ease. He is passing the test in two commercial herds with head-to-head comparison with the calving ease standout 7AN525 COMPOUND. The results are favorable and comparable. The calves are born unassisted and with great vigor. His offspring offer the ability to gain and end with favorable carcass quality. Don’t miss the mark, order ENDEAVOR today!”

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